Taiwanese Songs; a Renaissance?

Jeannie Hsieh is singing songs nowadays in techno, versus former styles in cha cha and ballad styles.


Taiwanese doesnt sound all that good spoken but sung can be nice. I think spanish sounds great sung but spoken leaves much to be desired . While french sounds nice spoken and pretty bad sung. Italian seems nice spoken and sung. Some languages lend themselves to song.


Ya’all got any clips so share ? Taiwanese songs as a topic dont survive more then a few weeks on the flob. This will be no exception.

蘇打綠 sodagreen 無眠


youtube.com/watch?v=B2yD33dS … re=related


I like this one. I generally dont like Taiwanese songs although I speak TAiwanese. But I really like this song . And the girl is very pretty too.

(even if she did fall off the stage at one time :slight_smile: )