Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


Yeah, I don’t like the odds at all. Maybe I’m a pessimist.


The kid is going to make the news again and probably not in a good way


A lot of people do that as an defense mechanism of fear.

I also think he should get checked out by a therapist. And he needs consequences. I think he may be anti social, the clinical sense not he doesn’t like to socialize. Anti social behaviors are the hardest to treat, they Believe they are beyond consequences.

I’m just making a fair view, I don’t know enough to say he is insane or saw any beyond a though evidence like he was plotting.


Oh I understand that people here laugh nervously. But he was grinning ear to ear and waving like a movie star, bathing in the attention, greeting reporters as if he had just won the lottery…

Weird, we have weird daily. But when the hairs on your neck stand up, my spidey senses sense danger.


DSM-IV lists anti social personality as a mental disorder and a very serious one. It is not only correcting behavior we are talking about here.


You could absolutely be right about what he is. Idk, I’m just putting another perspective on it.

When I was his age, most of my friends have bought their own guns.

Ive heard kids make jokes about bombing thinhs and killing and hoping a teacher dies in many ways.

Some people smile when really nervous


Yes on a scale. I know many people have it.


He needs an assessment from a psychologist asap before anything happens. Possible he might have several other problems in a combo. I just hope his parents send him to treatment.


Exactly. One look at that guy and my warning lights started flashing. My bovine intuition has never steered me wrong.


People with anti social personality disorders can only be kept in check because of constant derailing of their attention. Many of them are people who would be considered successful in society. Many big companies CEO’s, financial big guys etc in that category. That’s why many of them don’t act violent because they are, to put simply, focus on their new toy/attention, they play with it until is is completely worn out, be it a new person, deal, achievement, status and so forth. Then on to the next. In between goes their lifetime. But if they can’t fill in gaps between one and the other they are highly prone to violence either directly or indirectly.
Not every sociopath is a psychopath but every psychopath is a sociopath. We learned to fear psychopaths but sociopaths are very prone to violence due to their inability of feeling any remorse and the complete lack of empathy to any living thing. They can only mimic human empathic reactions.


You didn’t threaten to shoot up your school though.


No. I’m not saying he is innocent. He’s for sure a dumbass and potentially mentally off. Just some perspective on it instead of the sensationalism of guns and school shootings right now.


This piece of news has surprisingly strong staying power. A bunch of actual school massacres have happened in America since he was arrested and no one even remembers them any more.


The thing is, after the nightmare scenario happens, as hindsight is 20/20, everyone can then see the signs, the patterns, the clues to the impending doom. Isolated teen, lots of ammo, threats, are usually found. This guy hit the trifecta.

Moreover, in his case, the threat is not even the problem, but a symptom of a much bigger issue everyone is fighting hard not to see. It was a cry for help, pay attention to me…Or else. With celebrity parents, he wants his own spot in the limelight, as they throw money at him and ignore his most basic needs of safety and affection, which have resulted in him being emotionally isolated and obsessed with guns. Recipe for disaster, only a matter of time.


Thanks for reminding me. I’d completely forgotten and was about to send my kid to school in the USA. I’ll keep her in school in Taiwan now.

Phew! Dodged a bullet/flamethrower there.


Which is sad, meaning there are so many of them, people have become numb. I bet parents and first responders do remember every day, though.


At least until flamethrower boy returns.


This is a Taiwan forum last time I checked. Do you think Americans are sitting around in their living rooms discussing mass murderers in Taiwan?


That’s debatable.

And so on…


Completely agree. Should send this to their parents. It is all on them now.