Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


So many freaks already here. Don’t give empty minded Taiwanese lifeless freackos any ideas.


He’s arriving tomorrow…


Oh crap


“terror suspect”, lol


If he wasn’t a terror suspect he might be now with how everyone is on him. I think people just hate him because he’s from money more than the actual act. You’ll see most of the comments to be about money.


All told, Sun’s parents have burned through NT$100 million in property assets, including an NT$86 million to pay for their son’s legal defense over the past eight months, reported Liberty Times.

That’s 3 million. Bullshit I say

However, more costly lawyer’s fees may be in the pipeline, as Sun could face legal sanctions in Taiwan once he returns, according to the news channel News Wawawa

Well if News Wawawa says it

Yep, you see that time and time again.


"During the court hearing Sun Peng pleaded for his son’s release saying that his acting career had been suspended because of the case and that “his mother’s health is getting worse and worse, she is deaf in her left ear, and she can hardly sleep each night” :thinking:


My thoughts when reading that:


It’s amazing how arguments (such as they are) based on family and health have heaps of value here in Taiwan. Good luck with this approach in a court of law in the US.



I think he wanted to let the court know how troublesome they were and what a major disruption they were making in his life for having him fly all the way there for such a small thing. Oh, and I got better things to deal with, like my mother not being able to sleep. Forget about the fact that I see her only once in a while but it is a good point to make you all feel bad about it. You should feel ashamed for bringing such a busy actor to here and damage his career and his care for his elderly mother.


I think it has more to do with finally seeing one of these twats get checked for once. It’s not that his family has money, it’s that cnuts like this never seem to get theirs. Some people show humility from their lofty seats. Case in point, Andrew.


Or maybe he was just pleading for his son’s release as the article says. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me


Pleading yea, but the argument is pathetic.


Wait, what, Andrew has a lofty seat? What does that even mean and where do I get one?


He sounds like a hardworking kid who comes from money. In other words, a good example.


Kid already ran into some trouble at jail. Had the link somewhere from United Daily.

Oh and he is already enrolled in a local private arts university, in acting - follow Mom and Dad’s steps. Rest assured steps are being taken for the safety of his classmates…unless he starts getting bullied. We all know how bad bullying is here, so…


Exactly. Law stretches to fit the wallet, we say in the old country. Same here.

As to the focus of local rags…sigh…


What kind of trouble?


If I was pleading for my child to be kept out of the federal pen, I’d use any argument available, and wonder WTF anyone calling it pathetic or otherwise was even talking about.


Course the gangsta move would be to turn up on the first day of term with a flamethrower in tow :laughing: