Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


do you really think his classmates will ever even THINK/CONSIDER to bully him after this incident?


Looks like lifetime ban from USA
Let’s hope he keeps his nose clean in Taiwan


There are some real thugs in Taiwan that will challenge him perhaps or recruit him

Wonder if ice agents will accompany him to Taiwan or they just see him to the plane
Wonder if his parents will accompany him

I’d not want to be on the same flight as this guy if he’s un escorted


recruiting more likely.
new gang name: The Flamethrowers


Maybe he will make a movie about himself as himself



We are talking about kids who tie their shoes at traffic lights and take series with lions. Is that a rhetorical question?


Hmm, I may have to consider moving back to the U.S. :sunglasses:

He’s being escorted by two federales.


The article said ice will escort him to sfo not sure who if any after

He’s not a crim being extradited to another country

He has been released and only needs to be deported
Hence ICE involvement until sfo flight out of country

Thus I suspect no escort after he is taken to door of plane

They may watch the flight take off


yep, get a coffee or two on the government dime.
our fed taxes hard at work


Well would you rather escort him ?


taiwan would, because it’d get 2 more tourist arrivals to add before year-end, plus a boost to local economy on consumption, lol


I believe if he was to be extradited Taiwan fuzz will escort him

As it is he is simply being deported as a person let out of jail for time served

He will be taken aside at TPE where agents will question him

Since he is not yet charged with a crime he would be free to go

Or they may charge him upon arrival and arrest him at TPE

News crews may be there

The smart thing would be to put him on Eva or China air
But maybe united gave a free flight as the us govt is likely paying his ticket

Uncle Sam used some of his frequent flier miles


United Daily says the local police is interested in talking to him.


blew a wad of his parents cash. HE did spend quite some time in jail too. Have to be careful what one says to a classmate that is for sure.
Especially something like what he said.


I for one am glad that someone reported him on time for once. Too many of these shootings could have been prevented on many levels.

And I hope he gets on with his life, he’s 18 and has a long life ahead of him. But he needs to do what he needs to do to get his shit together.

And the media and people are being dicks digging into every aspect of his life, even reporting exact details of his flight like when he will land and family money spending. Shits not your business what his family spends their earned money on and gossiping. Take away his money he’s just a young man that needs help and people are clearly wishing ill on him solely because of his family money rather than the crime at this point.


Media being media, publishing a lot of his childhood photos…

And yes, US officials flew with him all the way to Taiwan.



It’s early but I can’t work this one out…



Friggin auto correct.

Taiwanese are known for two things abroad: losing their passport and taking selfies in dangerous places. Aside from getting off the car in aafaris, does anyone remember the woman who made the news because she fell off a pier in Sydney and why? Selfie.