Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


Surprised US officials accompanied him all the way. Because i would have thought that since he wasn’t a criminal being repatriated (where he would be escorted by the returning country’s services) the escort service ends when he is on a plane. He wasn’t a criminal anymore in the USA as he has been released, just ordered to leave.

The Filipina maids who overstayed and were deported, i don’t think they had escorts all the way home.


He might go to Canada as it hasn’t barred him. I heard it’s harder to use flame throwers there because of the punishing cold weather

  1. I hate the Jurgys already
  2. What the hell is a S’more?



He wanted to be a cop and his parents enrolled him in acting school…

We start on the wrong foot.


Wagon Wheels…



Kid is back. The K man went way too far this time. I fear they can sue his white derriere.

An interesting bit from the talk shows: seems his mom and auntie had a little brother they spoiled. They gave him a coffee shop to manage, which he turned, due to bad influences of course, into a gambling den. Long story short, guy ran into some trouble with the law and died a few years ago from drug use.

Kicker is that the cops, when they arrested the brother, told the sisters that if they provided some guns, they would let the guy go free. So they went to all their friends and connections asking for guns…until some charitable soul enlightened them to the fact that it was illegal.


Is he flashing gang signs in one photo?


international symbol for flamethrower professional


Scarier is his smirk and the attitude…

Oh and the media are going at the mother like a punching bag. She was so controlling that her precious was forbidden to have Coca Cola but rather drank goat milk and had steak every day. Whatever he wanted, Mama would buy. She said at a tv show that she wouldn’t have any other kids, as she would give all her love to Sung…


Except, apparently, Coca Cola.


What color were his fucking socks?

Jesus Kman…bush league much?


And this proves that antisocial little tyrants can be fostered by over mothering

Our mother used to whip us when we wuz bad and we didn’t come out antisocial people unafraid of authority


And just to show where the problem is: first thing kid does is put a photo of himself with a crossbow/rifle in full camp gear, including ski mask.

This was taken down promptly, or rather, prompted by someone, most probably his mother, as he replaced that image of his profile with hentai. You cannot tell me that is just anime. Have a look.


can’t, as no idea where this is you’re referencing, and definitely can’t if FB, as don’t have.
copy/paste perhaps?


Well unless there is a burger in front of her the mouth agape drooling knocked by a 2x4 expression reminds me more of 90s hentai than current anime.


Here’s a screenshot of the crossbow photo, still available on his FB page…


And the headline does identify the following images as «over18». Meaning hentai. Lovely.

孫安佐臉書PO十字弓照挨批 速換成18禁漫畫圖

Please note the picture depicted in the article is not the only one.


cool, he’s broadening his horizon from flamethrower to cross-bower.
Let’s get a betting pool going on what’s next.


A crossbow with flaming arrows?