Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


Could this kid be recruited for Taiwan army? Maybe he will find his calling there. And focus his creativity into something productive.


I doubt it. Evil geniuses usually don’t join the army. Well, the Wehrmacht maybe.


Inquiring minds would like to know how one can protect oneself from a flaming arrow on the MRT.

Guess everyone should buy a fire retardant backpack and have a thick steel plate in it for protection.


Hope he’s not a lover of Lethal Weapon 4, otherwise try the chicken distraction.


Let’s just hope the government has the foresight and guts to ban this spoiled brat from the MRT system… God knows what he will try once he realizes he’s not a celebrity and has to live with the consequences of his new found reputation!!!


Eh he is a celebrity. He was basking in the media attention, smirking to the cameras all the way. He knows he has them. While his parents get squashed by the press mob, him mom even hit on the head by a tv camera, he was escorted by the CIB while the press kept its distance. He can manipulate them just as he is doing now with those pictures. He can get away with anything as mom and pop will get him out of any pickle.


The US should have said ok you go to jail or you to to the US army and send him where he can do some real combat.


BTW - isn’t he now required to actually serve in the Taiwan military since he is now 18???


no fun for him as no combat for tw troops.
But he may be all show and no go so maybe tw army posing is all he wants.
Still in a way its pretty cool to be in the news with TW govt agents (six of them no less) escorting him thru the airport for a wannabe bad guy.
A real life Lex Luther?
Or kinda like that silence of the lambs dude?


That’s exactly my point… in a month or two we’ll all forget about him and move on to the next news story - it is then that this “nutter” might/will try something to maintain his “celebrity” status…


I dont think he is a real nutter. I think he is an “acting” nutter.
Of course I don’t want to be his room mate though.


Ah got it. Unfortunately, you may be right.

More on his choice of avatar:


…which is why mom and dad got him into a pal`s college.


He is in his backyard. He thinks he is safe here because money and fame talks. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is planning something big and having to just say ‘sorry’ in the news to get away with some crime.


Poison dart shooting machine ?


What a fuckwit. Poster boy for the new Taiwanese.


The tv news folks were talking about how easy it is to import the cross-bows and the damage it can cause


Bakers can’t get poppy seeds but anyone can order Friggin high pressure powered crossbows off the Internet.


I can’t get melatonin


They forgot about the Japanese solo traveler girl who was befriended by a tw guy at the Tainan train station and shot dead by a crossbow when she refused sex. He beheaded her and the head is still not found . He was caught and I think executed.