Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


Wowza. I haven’t heard that one. When did this happen?


Oh mine!!! When was it?


This sounds embarrassing for the police.
I can’t believe this is really true?? If it is, there is clearly a different set of rules for the wealthy.


If he was told to stay in the house and subsequently doesn’t appear to be there, wouldn’t that be grounds for a warrant? Hell, couldn’t they claim they were worried about his welfare and just bust in?


I guess since the police didn’t have a warrant, all they can do is knock and wait. Maybe the kid was indisposed in the bathroom? :laughing:


How would they know he hasn’t left the house ?


He’s probably in the basement working on his next diabolical invention…possibly a crossbow that shoots flaming or exploding arrows.


Hey, when it comes to napalm sometimes you can’t leave the cook just because the popo are at the front door. Think of it as community service.


Maybe he’s trying the Alice’s Restaurant strategy? :idunno:


I always thought it was weird that we can’t get Melatonin in Taiwan. In States I can get it at any store that sells vitamins and what not. Here, doctors don’t have it but they were fast to offer Zolpidem (Ambien).


Wow, that was fascinating reading. One of the many things I can say I learned here in Forumosa.


Ha, they used to play it every Thanksgiving on the radio back home, probably they still do.


Re: Alice’s restaurant massacree

Fascinating. Learned a little bit more history.


I read it as “bikers cant get poppy seeds”


Quite some years ago so long ago google
Couldn’t even find it
Strange that
cant remember if it was the 80s or the 90s when it occurred.


Still they caught him. The Hong Kong guy who killed his girlfriend and stuffed her in a suitcase got away and there is no way to extradite in spite of evidence.


Why does the local police want to question him?


For the same reason he could be facing jail here: illegal possession of firearms.

No double jeopardy in Taiwan, remember?


It’s understandable, isn’t it? If he does something silly and the police did nothing then somebody’s going to lose their job.


I bet you a blue bill there is another stash of weaponry … probably at his grandma’s place. Sigh.