Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


I don’t think he is going to get away with it. They will figure out a way around the legal impasse.


Ah how wonderful to be so shallow: netizens praising Sun`s body.

Yep, wonderful to have rich parents with friends in the media.

Is he allowed to go to the gym? From the videos, he’s got a possee already.

Hope he gets this as a new hobby/obsession.


Is it any less shallow than people continuing to read stories about him? It’s been a none relevant story for months now except people feel certain ways about his parents wealth.

I honestly don’t see what’s the issue. Guy collects weapons for a hobby everyone bashed him, and yeah rightly so. So now he wants to workout and improve his body and he still gets hate lol. What do you want him to do?


His parents played with normal people’s heartstrings when they made a media gongshow before heading over there the first time. They tried to use their public profile to get attention for their little boy being unjustly persecuted by the nasty Americans. I know it left some people with egg on their faces who’d defended his family in the beginning.

You’re right he shouldn’t be hounded but, it is expected as his family are media whores. Perhaps pictures of him volunteering at an environmental cleanup site or some such will douse the flame.


Where’d they do that? Naturally, if they never moved past their front door, they would have been swamped by media, and as I recall the local media were all over this in their distinctive fashion from the beginning.


I am not calling him shallow. The press and the applauding netizens are. The press is irresponsible and the netizens…well, if you see the kind of stars they made in the past: the multimillionaire woman who abandons her kid,who resorts to living in a supermarket…the spoiled brat who insults a cop because he stopped her from racing her Ferrari down city streets…the man who abandons his family 20 years leaving them at the mercy of the mob he owes a ton of money to…etc. Ad nauseum.


“No comment”
Try it yourself, “No comment”.

or " Our son f’ed up and we’re going over there to pick up the pieces." Humble pie works wonders. Instead, it looked to me like damage control for their careers.


No clue what any of that is supposed to mean or prove.




Try forming a logical argument. That might help.


Some people know how to use the media. Some people are professionals at it. Candid photos of some people are contrived. If one believes that some people can never avoid the public eye then one is naive. “No Comment!”


The parents were already stirring the coming court appointment to a legal district of their choice. It did not work. Taipei City instead of Taoyuan will decide if anything is done about the kid.

As long as the cops have not made a search for weapons in his parent’s place, I am not feeling very confident about our safety.


The most I can get out of this is that they didn’t say “no comment”, and that somehow equates to “using their public profile to get attention”. That doesn’t make any sense to me. What did they say? That would seem more germane.


if he apologized and made an effort to turn over a new leaf sure, but the first thing this little piece of crap does upon returning is posting a picture of him with another weapon?? shows he learned nothing and has no respect for anybody. he deserves all the shit him and his messed up family are getting and more.


The kid’s obviously a prick. If he had any sense he’d stay off social media for a good long time and keep a low profile.


He is loving the attention and hungry for more. Parents are probably already loving the soon future model and star career he will get just because he is ‘muscular’. Until someday something happens, and he gets tired of it all and change to flame thrower again. First burning some homeless pack of dogs, and then apologizing (or not) publicly. If that doesn’t result in anything bad, humans next.

I have a bad feeling about his lack of remorse or whatever. He is not obligated to apologize or anything. But if he wants to interact with the public (YouTube etc) he should at least pretend to address the issue saying how he feel about what happened and that it is behind him now.


I’ll take a large bet that this will get zero attention by the commie media, but spark Taiwan’s media in perhaps 24.hours.


Sound familiar???


Kid`s career as Internet celebrity going well. Second video well received.


Hope he keep his focus on the gym stuff and out of fire guns.
But I just wonder why he is looking for so much attention now. Maybe planning a shirtless attack?