Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


Well they are plotting his getting into the entertainment business…


The beginning of their video appears to be How-to instructions for using squat toilets.
And 麵線? Everything tastes good after getting one’s freedom back.


That’s for sure


Link to video, anyone?


He looks high af eating those noodles



He seems like a cool kid, maybe he is just misunderstood.


Trying to curry favor so he doesn’t flamethrow you? :grin:


He is a fan or weapons and military apparel, just like millions of US citizens.
The kid makes one joke, and then everyone comes down on him about being a terrorist. :disappointed_relieved:


I guess most people don’t see the humor in jokes about shooting up schools.


I am sure we have all joked about unsavory things in our pasts.


Yes, those were simpler times.


So no one else would have fun with a flamethrower? No one else made a makeshift one with aerosol cans and lighters for fun?

This is not really even an interesting story…


The kid is just rich so he can take it to the next level.

I used to burn wasps nests with a deodorant can and lighter to kill those fuckers.


Not like this one!




Thinking to buy extra accident insurance for myself just in case he go nuts … i’m crossing the road or taking mrt and suddenly he went ballistic you know. My Parents still needs me so if he into something and I’m one of the poor dead human - my parents still got some money from my accident insurance…

Scary kid.


Don’t be so dramatic. It’s like some of you havent been around a group of boys before. The chances of you tripping and banging your head is likely exponentially higher.


You don’t need to be rich to make a flamethrower lol.
But fucjing around with a flamethrower like that in a public space ?
It is a very deadly weapon.

Interestingly Elon Musk sold thousands of flamethrowers…America !


We all get that lots of boys have destructive streaks, but most of them don’t build military-grade flamethrowers, stockpile ammo and threaten to shoot up schools. And he’s not a little boy anymore, but his destructive tendencies (and narcissism) only seem to be growing stronger.


He’s a psychopath …Narcissist…Whatever nutter.
Pull out a flamethrower in some countries and you’ll probably get a bullet in the head with fairly good reason.