Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


I’m saying people act so dramatic about it. I’ve been around a lot of wealthy kids, their destructive tendencies are just like any other kids but with more resources and ability to escape responsibility, they can take things to the next level. Most of them turn out just like any other people. I would totally have some fun with military grade weapons, am I a sociopath?


That’s cos you sent too much time in Texas. That’s where people openly walk the streets with automatic weapons for no apparent reason!

Try that in the EU, especially countries hit with terrorism and see how long the party would last…

Plus Taiwan is really small and crowded , imagine the damage these kinds of weapons can do here .


But would you threaten to shoot up a school? Have you watched video footage of serial killers mugging for the camera? Have you seen Sun mugging for the camera? Same look.


Have you seen many mug shots? They all look bad.

Pretty sure I’ve said I wish I could blow up the school as jokes or like do something nasty to a shitty teacher like many many kids.

The more I look at it, it just looks like a stupid kid who has more resources to do stupid things not unlike other kids. Said something especially sensitive in the US in a bad time. The obsession and romantic exaggeration of who he is getting ridiculous.

Like really? Your fear of dying today from this kid?

Congrats everyone, giving notoriety to people like this emboldens them.


I can’t tell if you are being serious?

Tell me about how how safe the EU is without guns lol.


I’m talking about mugging for the camera, not mug shots…totally different. Just check out one of his perp walks on YouTube. I’ve seen that look before.


Mostly European countries are safe and secure , the problem is terrorists attack concentrations of people in city centers and at shopping malls. You might notice a lot of them use whatever weapons are accessible, such as knives and trucks. So semi-automatic weapons, automatic weapons and flamethrowers would be a bad idea . Just not necessary in society.

Some day some terrorists are going to use flamethrowers in the US and people will be…What…Flamethrowers are for clearing scrubland and our Texas BBQ…We didn’t know it was designed for frying people !


Or it could just be biased confirmation.

If he indeed is what you think he is…pretty sure people are just doing exactly what not to do.


Hard to change human nature, which goes for psychopaths and the general population.


Yeah I’m serious. Texas sounds kind of nuts but there ain’t no real cowboys and injuns anymore.


Really? The house I stayed in in Italy was robbed while I was there in the middle of the night. As are many other houses my girl family owns there. Gold, silver, valuables all gone. Most of them are in rural areas as well. Safety is an issue in many european cities these days, let’s not pretend like europe is safer because of stricter gun laws because thats simply not true.

It’s not a coincidence many totalitarian regimes took away and enforced strict gun laws for civilians. You just don’t think it’s necessary because you live in a safe country and has not have something bad happen to you. Society is broken, it will always likely be, I want the ability to defend myself.


Yeah there’s a lot of crime in different parts of Europe for sure. I just dont think adding more weapons would solve the problem. Usually it’s a judicial problem as they are reoffenders.

Something bad happen to me? What’s bad? House burgled…Yes. Also relatives houses. Various run ins with local hooligans. Luckily nothing too serious. Problem is these guys can have a rap sheet with 70 charges and still be running around.

We don’t have a problem with totalitarian regimes in Europe nor in vast majority of countries worldwide… Having guns and not having guns is not going to change human nature, which is where totalitarianism comes from. Militias could turn into a revolutionary group which then takes over a country…Then the leader becomes a dictator . Has happened many times in history.


And yet homicides from guns are higher in California with the strictest gun laws and ZERO assault riffles is higher than Texas.


California has a lot of gangbangers…Even I know that. Plus massive population. It could have a younger population. It could have problems with drugs. It could have a lot of semi automatics and more guns. What year to what year ?

There’s a whole host of things you’d have to dig into beyond that soundbite.

But please explain why people need to carry assault rifles around their town…Doesn’t make sense.


Tv star to personal manager mommy?


a lot of gangbangers lol Can you actually visit these places and not base things on movies. Texas is a larger state with pretty much the same population at 28 million.

Texas almost double californias gun ownership. And way more drugs flow in from texas/mexico boarders compared to California.

And yet it has more homicides from guns.

You’re not going to change human nature, so I want the ability to protect myself. In london alone, more people got stabbed in 2018 than killed in texas by guns so.


Her 18-year-old son? Yeah, I think that ship has already sailed.


According to these stats, California has lower homicide rates by firearm than Texas.


She was 38 when she had her little prince. She could take some time off then to be closer to him…


Seems to be so.