Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


Yep. Ask around. The life policy is different from other insurance. It is just a bet that you will croak before your time. As compensation for the loss of your economic support to the family, your next of kin is compensated as per the value of your productivity…And what you can pay as premiums.


With the palpable panic around the streets, this could be a hot market segment now actually


Sure he’s a felon, but he committed no violent crime in the US.

There’s a distinction to be made between a felony conviction designed to bar re-entry and a felony conviction for violent crime. This kid falls squarely in the first camp.


He made an offhand comment to a classmate, who reported it to his parents.

The rest is just you allowing yourself to get worked up about it and ginning it up into him being a psychopath. So far, anyway.


Nah he was buying weapons and then made a threat to shoot up his school…Felony…Deported. Felony is a serious crime in the US. Fairly straightforward.


Look at that kids video. Walk down any street and you’ll pass by a dozen potentially more harmful people


I understand how life insurance works, I’ve just never been able to find a decent policy in Taiwan. You clearly have - any pointers to the insurance company you got it from?

All I’ve been offered so far is about 10kNT a month from me for a 5 millionNT payout if I die before my kid hits 18. It’s basically not worth taking out.


no one is denying its a crime…i’m just saying people getting worked up by it into him being way more dangerous than he is is silly. Just buying into media’s hand and making stupid people famous. And those weapons could be found in many people’s houses so put that into perspective.

The category he is most likely to fall under on gun deaths is accident from him shooting himself in his foot.


I get it he’s not on Taiwan’s most wanted list.
Still as a parent the guy creeps me out.
Celebrity culture around the world sucks , in Taiwan possibly even worse cos any two bit relative of a celebrity or nutcase can be a celeb. Strike that the US and Donald Trump wins!



Fact remains however that he committed no violent crimes in the US. Zero.


I agree, but come on. This guy isn’t any more of a threat than CKSs grandson saying hes blowing up TAS. A felon yes, but it’s not like he’s some warlord criminal mastermind.


See the difference? I’m talking perceptions. HE gets lumped into all of THEM when my friends talk about his case. They are embarrassed about this kid and his family and the language being used about the moneyed folks has shifted from admiration to something less.


I still don’t understand how he skirted the law, you haven’t given a example. He was charged, detained for like a year or something and deported and banned.

I don’t root for people to be given harsher or lesser sentences based on their socioeconomic status but thats just me.


That he made public threats, even.



kid seems to have his Mom posting things online for him. Good for him, he needed his mom, and her attention, and he got it.


Should be at least 10million. Nanshan takes foreigners.


Actually, it was her excessive attention that got him into the mess…


From spoiled brat to sociopath the road is paved.


Yesterday they wondered of he had a girlfriend - because there was a girl in one if his photos. Today they are hailing him as the new Internet guru who answers questions from his flock patiently. Sigh.