Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


My faith in humanity just went down another notch. As if it wasn’t low enough already. This reminds me of one of those comic backstories were you see how somebody turned into a supervillain.

You can’t make this shit up:


Not yet anyway…give him a few months and we’ll see what he starts preaching to followers. Typical TW government just sits back and watches Taiwan society burn (Tsai/Nero)!


Nah, kid is totally normal basically. He’s jerking around online like every other rich-ass teenager here. Nothing is going to burn except the panic.


What a bunch of fucking idiots. Seeking life advice from a douchebag like that.


Not so fast. He may have special insight into the question of whether black tea is better than milk tea, or whether hot and sour soup is better than cream of corn.


In the words of Al Murray: this country’s in so much fucking trouble.


The media is building him up. I would not be surprise dif those commenters were poaid by his parents. Remove the stench of whatever happened in the US, surround him by the perfume of adoration…

I mean, who would actually make such an innane comment as black or milk tea? This society is vapid but that is not a cool issue to discuss. It seems more like framed pre arranged questions to make traffic.


Why is this surprising?

He, his family, and all of their reputations have been torn down by social media. How is it in any way surprising that they would choose to rebuild their reputations using the same channel?


If he is in, no problem. But if the parents are blindsiding him, as overprotective as they are, then we will have a bigger problem down the line.

And you cannot tame or use the media. It is the proverbial scorpion that will sting anyone anytime as it is in his nature.


On the bright side, the more time he spends in front of his computer, the less time he spends wandering the streets looking for small animals to torture.


It’s social media. It is only occasionally related to real life.

I swear, Spielberg is beginning to look like a prophet with Minority Report.


That’s Philip K. Dick you cretinous horse-person. :sunglasses:


He still has time to “create” stuff, trinkets, machinery…


Yes. I’m thinking his next invention will be a cross of a flamethrower and a Roman candle…it’ll fire exploding fireballs.


Funny his firts one out was a wall climber. Maybe he is thinking about what he needs to escape prision.


True enough, but I’m thinking that a number approaching zero Taiwanese and maybe a dozen expats know who Philip K. Dick was. Maybe.


I swear this guy will start a rap career lol. Like “yeah I’m the teflon don. These charges don’t stick! Got AKs on my wall, ARs on the floor!l


That could just be your perception.


Kid jokes about prision, says he had a blast. “Many people protected me”. No wonder he is so cocky now. Learning experience was wasted.

Meanwhile Apple`s printed version has the headline of Sun: 18 and still single. Gee, what a catch.


Some jokes just don’t fly.