Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre

This whole thing must be fear of this boy going abroad and messing up in a foreign country. Can you imagine the headlines out there? “Taiwanese who served sentence in the US for terrorism threat kills 30 in the Philippines” The bad press Taiwan justice system would get…

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Waste of time and money.


They can’t tell Kiwiland fuck all. :new_zealand: :new_zealand: :new_zealand: :cricket:

I guess it’s also not what he was actually charged with, but what he’s trying to do. It doesn’t take authorities much time to determine this.

So if he’s trying to plot a school massacre and was caught, and all they could get him for was some weapons charge, then maybe the authorities are hoping that he could be kept here so that he doesn’t go to some other country and actually do a massacre there. At least if he’s trying to do it here in Taiwan they could do something about it.

So yea he caused Taiwan to lose face because he wanted to commit a school massacre. All this nonsense about making firearms is just nonsense. It isn’t even against the law to make firearms in the US unless you are engaged in the business of it.

The indictment is likely to keep him from leaving Taiwan until they can figure out how to stop him.

My feeling is the parents keep overprotecting, cuddling, hiding. Pushing him into the spotlight.

In the end he did not go to college.

And who in their right mind wants to travel in the midst of COVID19…unless they are running away from something or a little disconnected?

Not everyone should go to college. Why go to college and major in some pointless humanity major when you have no real interest in it? Better to find out what you’re cut out for and get trained in that. There are bunch of technical schools both here and in other countries that would be far better money spent.

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Yeah but it was part of the deal. The parents told the authorities kid had to get back and into college.

The kid needs mental health treatment, not college.

It is likely the academic pressure that is causing him to behave like this.

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It’s fine if he’s working. Some people don’t need to go to college. And I’m not seeing many colleges accepting him right now so that could why he didn’t go.

Maybe he could do a degree in advanced flamethrowing…


Pick up the gunsmithing trade legally.

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