Taiwanese toothhunters

i’ve finally got myself an ARC and accompanying health insurance. now i’m seeking the services of a Taiwanese dentist for my first time. i mostly trust Taiwanese dentists as mush as any, which is very little. also, I think dentists should be very sympathetic in the first place since they’re messing with the inner workings of our faces.

so i don’t know exactly how it works. i need more than a cleaning and i want a good dentist. my two bottom wisdom teeth have to be pulled out of my lower jaw. if i know of a good mouthman anywhere can i just choose freely? does anybody know any Taiwanese dentists that sedate heavily and prescribe savagely?

also, what is the motivation for putting people getting dental work up in the window like they’re having their hair styled?

i’d like some earnest advice cause i tend to puss out when it comes to dentists. i use to always have my aunt do my work since she was in the trade and she’d coddle me good. any advice would be appreciated.