Taiwanese tycoon buys the Brooklyn Nets

Wow, I wonder how he will be as a owner. Is he a fan and trying to win or focus on profit?

He played lacrosse and has invested in the fledgling PLL. I’d say he’s a sports fan who needs to put his money into solid investments before big red Jack Ma’s him.

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I think he purchased the Barclay center with it as well with sole control. That team is on the up and up. A few moves and a healthy KD away from a championship. People are excited about BK and are tired of the Knicks. Hope he is not another Dolan.

He doesn’t seem like another Dolan - not saying much since Dolan is in a class by himself. Tsai’s interest in sports at all levels has been well documented. He gets it as far as a business is concerned, and is buying out another owner who understood that the value of the business can far outstrip the actual performance of the team. The fall and rise of the Prokhorov Era Nets also is a vivid case study to let Game-first basketball people (i.e., Popovich alumni) run the show and for the owners to stay out of their way.

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So hard to move money out of china into the USA. Wealth and Assets in China are not solid. Rich today, imprisoned tomorrow is often the story of former wealthy communists. Joe Tsai is smart buying an NBA team with global attention. If something were to happen to Joe, the world would notice. Hey the boss of NBA Nets got taken by big red…

I’d like to see a Taiwanese tycoon pick up an English football club. There’s multiple candidates in the lower leagues. Could be some good synergies placing Taiwan players into a club over there and then bringing them back to play for the hellforsaken national squad. Plus Taiwanese could get behind an English club with a Taiwan connection.

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Strange football isn’t big in Taiwan when it’s so popular with our neighbors in Korea and Japan. People like basketball more, strange seeing that Taiwanese people would probably be better footballers than basketball players due to height and the type of athleticism required.

Yeah, if you look at most of SE Asia football is big, followed by badminton etc. The obviously comparable country is the Philippines, but it makes more sense there. Maybe space concerns are more of a thing here?

Yeah it was big in Malaysia too. If the Johor team wins a big match, sometimes they declare a holiday lol.

I’m not so familiar with how football/soccer came to these countries. I know why baseball is big in Taiwan. Basketball seems to be a newer sport to be this popular. It wasn’t that popular when I was a kid.

That’s interesting. I remember it always having a basic popularity as a street game. The NBA is more popular now, I guess that started to pick up around the time of the Shaq-era Lakers, maybe due to the LA connection? I’ll go with space. Taiwan is one of the most crowded places on earth. It’s much easier to set up a few basketball courts.

I remember Michael Jordan was popular when I was young. But I don’t think people had many options to watch NBA games. People played on playgrounds of schools but no one knew the rules that well. I never played basketball until I left Taiwan around 10.

Space is definitely a issue. Although when I was in elementary school, soccer coaches would come to our class and we all had to stand there for him to “inspect” and pick who had body type to play on the team. I feel like soccer was just as popular as basketball when I was young. But no one seemed to be interested.

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