Taiwanese universities with English-speaking courses

I’m new here, so hi!

I’m trying to decide what to do next year as my future plan was to teach english in Taiwan and some other countries along the way, I currently don’t have a Bachelor degree but i have a TEFL degree so I planned to do my Bachelor degree in Taiwan… though I read another topic on here where someone stated that you could only get employed as a teacher with a Bachelor degree or higher from a Native-English speaking country… is that true??

Also, I’m interested in learning Chinese but I feel i can do it in my spare time rather than specializing in it for a Bachelor degree, and being as I would like to live in Taiwan for a while I was hoping to study there… Can anyone recommend some Universities that offer some Bachelor-level programs taught in English? I realise it’s a bit of a long shot as it’s not a native English speaking country but I have seen some listed on the university websites…

I was quite interested in the English as a Liberal Arts program at National Central University, however their website is quite odd in that some parts haven’t been updated since 2005 and other pages read “404 page not found” etc. etc.
Has anyone got any information on this university or know anyone that’s studied there and can give their opinion on it?


Yep, unless you have a JFRV visa (married to a local) or an APRC visa (permanent resident visa). However, many students come here and teach a bit on the side. This is illegal and could get you deported.

So the Bachelor degree has to be from an English speaking country by law? seems a bit odd to me… what’s the reasoning behind this? surely if you’ve done a Bachelor degree you’ve done a Bachelor degree regardless of where you get it…

thanks for the info anyway :wink: