Taiwanese use new machines to exchange trash for cash


Didn’t see this in Taiwan news. And have not seen the machines.



“People can be in full control of their schedule, and they do not have to worry about storing garbage in their house,”

i dont get this sentence, it says its only for recycling. if this was for full trash it would be great. is that the intended full service or what?


I think it means that people can lessen the amount of garbage they have to store, not eliminate it altogether.


storing recyclables was a problem? come on, you can dump it on the street if you want to, even one forum member admitted to doing it. people make money off recyclables here so it shouldn’t be a problem. the other trash and meeting the scheduled trash truck however is a problem, but its not being fixed by these machines unless i missed something?


Have yet to see a machine that gives cash for trash.


This is a solution looking for a problem that isn’t there. In fact it would take money away from old people who collect recyclables.
Also it doesn’t cut down on the use of plastics.

Typical of instagrammy ‘isn’t tech great’ videos. …No thought required!


I forgot what it’s called, but there’s a term for making a problem worse trying to solve it.

The British empire had a snake problem is India. So they offered money for capturing snakes. People ending just raising snakes to exchange for money making the problem worse.


Perverse incentive or Cobra Effect


It’s not dumping, it’s making it available for the recycle grandmas.


you call it that, i call it dumping. potato po-tat-to sitation.


It depends on where you live. I couldn’t get away with it where I am now, but I did in my last apartment. Problem was, some people would see recycling, think it was a dumping place, and put their trash there as they passed by. Then it would get worse and worse.


“set up the first iTrash station in August in a parking lot on Linyi Street.”

Guessing it’s 臨沂街


iTrash - haven’t heard anything more.


‘iDump’ would have been a catchier name.

I’ve heard of these schemes working well in shithole countries where people fling their garbage everywhere or burn it in the street. The incentives are subtly different. IIRC there was a scheme somewhere in S.America where people could exchange trash for fresh vegetables.

The current system in Taiwan works fine, so I don’t see any need to change it.


Wish they could do the one where you can exchange your empty bottles for food for stray dogs.


Or like Europe you can get some cash back for empty bottles