Taiwanese Views

I was reading over someone’s blog online (weblog.datingish.com/datingish/6 … inity.html) and there was a huge discussion about virginity.

And then it got me thinking, what is the general Taiwanese perspective about virginity and sex?

I’m curious to find out about how Eastern culture views about virginity and sex are compared to Western culture.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

This Taiwanese guy was trying to tell me that Taiwanese girls were conservative… I was like, “Yeah right.”

I think that the action is relatively the same, maybe less extreme and girls are less upfront about it.

What do others think?

I think that virginity and sex are two different things.

I think what people here say in public and what they do in private are about as dissimilar as they are in the US.

I think when people are sexually conservative here in it usually more for practical reasons rather than moral ones. That is, adolescent sex is seen as a risk of unwanted pregnancy, STD’s, and even a distraction from schoolwork!

But the result of the conservatism is the same: months of blue balls and kissing only in semi-private venues like CKS Memorial Hall!

Of course they’re far less experienced sexually and have a far higher rate of late-blooming virgins. They live at home with mommy and daddy until they’re 35 years old and/or married and often after that and are required to study 7 days a week during the years when Westerners are busy learning about sex. Likewise, far fewer have smoked pot, been to a kegger, or been involved in athletic competition, other activities many Westerners engage in while the Taiwanese are busy cramming away in cram school. Sure there are exceptions, but the general trend seems obvious.

Nail, meet hammer; Hammer, meet nail.

Was true about 5+ years ago, but the new generation seems to be a more free wheeling bunch.

People posting seem to be talking mainly about teens and sex, but is that what the original poster is asking?

Teens here mature slower than in the West and I would guess fewer have sex than in the West. As for adults, I’m not so sure. Yes, they still live with mommy and daddy until they get married, and some even longer, but with a love hotel on every corner, SOMEONE must be getting laid.

Commonly performed, sometimes in extreme ways, but never, never talked about; that is before the days of 自拍 :blush:

I suspect we will find enormous generational differences, coinciding with the rise of the internet.

Some people seem a lot more conservative than in the West, particularly with older generations. Having said that, as has been mentioned, there is a love motel on every corner. Some silly girl tried to tell me once that those are for (married?) couples who can’t have sex at home (presumably because of their parents). I just laughed at her, especially since she banged like a dunny door in the wind (as we would say in Australia).

I definitely think there’s a real generational change going on. The kids I teach come out with some crazy stuff.

“banged like a dunny door in the wind (as we would say in Australia).”

Love that saying…

Basically it’s seen as ok to screw like a rabbit behind doors and act like Mother Theresa (the old bird in India, not the poster on this forum!) in public and on first dates. Although, it was my experience that if you could convince the girl in question that you wont think she’s easy, then she’d probably have a go on the first date, also…

All about appearances really, innit?

When I married my wife at the Tainan courthouse, we shared the “stage” with nine other couples - all Taiwanese ranging in age between late teen and mid thirty - and eight of the other girls were visibly pregnant…

Hmmmm. I always get amazed when I hear about Taiwanese girls being “conservative”.

They are not. Not a whole lotta virgins in Taiwan over 20.

I know a few 20+ year old virgins.

“Like” a virgin?? :slight_smile:

Tommy: I’m not sure if you’re insinuating what I think you are, but if you are, then no.

“Almost” a virgin.

It can be summed up with one 4-syllable world:


It’s exactly like Bismarck put it: put on a public mask of conservatism, go wild behind closed doors. Taiwanese love to smugly talk about how decadent the Japanese are while consuming porn like it’s going out of style, and how “one-night stand” Westerners are, while there’s a love motel/sex KTV/brothel on every corner.