Taiwanese Visa or Master Card - Using it in the US

My wife has a couple Taiwanese Visa credit cards. When she came to the US some did not work and some did. Is there any reason to this?

I am applying for a China Trust Visa card in Taiwan and want to be sure it will work when I go back to the states to visit. The bank says there should be no problem…but I don’t always trust the information I get from them. Thanks!

Also, I have a Washington Mutual Master Card Debit Card. Washington Mutual says I can use the card in Taiwan to make Master Card purchases (the credit feature of the card) and I can also withdrawl cash from my account at any ATM here.

I have tried to withdrawl cash using the debit feature of my card and it doesnt work. My card has the black swipe strip on the back but no “computer chip” that all new Taiwanese debit cards have. Could this be the reason? Anyone know of a certain bank’s atms that will work for this? My card has the Star logo on the back…but Star is not in Taiwan. Washington Mutual says this shouldnt matter because I can use the master card logo atm’s. ??? Help! :s :frowning:

Don’t know bout the credit card thing, but…

To get $ from an ATM you need to go to some lucky ATM machines (older ones I think). I have had good luck at Fubon and China trust. Others just don’t work at all.

Also Star will not work and Washington Mustual was talking out there butts. If you want to use star (if it will ever work) you would need to be cash withdrawal from CC. To access bank account you need to use Plus or Cirus.

I always used my debit card (Master Card) to access my money in the US. As long as there was a Master Card logo on the machine I had no problem. I usually used China Trust at my local 7-11. I did find a few machines that wouldn’t accept it, but China Trust always worked for me.

You’re better off going into the bank with your passport. If the machine eats your card you’re fecked and you can always do over the counter withdrawals. Sometimes they charge more for that.