Taiwanese women difficulty level

Answer is average. China is easy.

This was compiled by white men.

Asian men would pin the USA most difficult.

More difficult than Saudi Arabia?


I was going to reply. However , discretion is the greater part of Valour :smirk:


I have a feelings it’s harder in some European countries though.

A place that has always surprised me is South America for Asian men. I’ve always had more success with latinas than even Asian women. Also in those places, white men have a reputation but not Asian men.

Which countries in Europe are harder than the US for Asian men? Probably not Poland, Ukraine, or Czech Republic.

Also, what’s the reputation for white men who hit up Latin America?

OK, not the hardest. USA is brown, Saudi Arabia is red.

oh c’mon.

These countries are easier? Idk. Poland is pretty homogeneous and don’t seem to like to mix.

Sex tourists.

They clearly are.

Would you mind listing the countries in Latin America you’re talking about?

Really? Polish women are generally open to dating asian men?

Sure Colombia, Peru, Mexico. Pretty much any SA country really. They also tend to think asians are rich as well.

I was there for five days. I went on dates with a couple of women. And I met them in the bar and on the street, not through Tinder. Polish women are honest too.

If you meant GF/BF, then I can’t speak from experience. But I’m pretty sure it’s no problem.

Thanks. Based on the map above, SA isn’t uniform throughout. But I think I’m going to Costa Rica for dental work.