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I recently came here to Taiwan. Ive talked to some local young men and came across some interesting information about Taiwanese women. The locals told me to be careful about meeting local taiwanese women because a lot of them are look for the dollar signs. Supposedly money is a big factor in women choosing potential dates. Also, I heard that taiwanese women pretty much dont pay for anything. When men take out a taiwanese girl, everything is up to the man. Supposedly the girls dont even offer to pay or at least help out. For all you experienced daters out there, is this information true? If so, that would suck! I dont want to be paying EVERY single time I take a girl out. I believe a girl should consider herself lucky to go out with a halfway decent guy. If a girl truly likes a guy, that girl should be willing to help out the guy to ensure fairness among other things. A girl expecting a guy to pay ALL THE TIME; I would consider that rude and selfish. So, to all you experienced daters out there (non-married of course), what are your opinions on this subject matter? Very curious to hear from a westerneres point of view.

I’ve talked to some locals who told me that foreigners all come here to get easy jobs, earn lots of money, get drunk, do drugs, screw local girls and go home. Is this true?

Is this true?

I have talked to some local girls, and they keep telling me laowais have got the mightiest schlongs in the land and local guy’s willies are so tiny “it’s not even funny any longer” (quote).

Now, I sincerely wish to know if this is true.

It’s T’woo! It’s t’woo!

Not me. I’ve only got a little one, and I never pay. In fact I don’t even tip, but I still have a couple of tame cocktail waitresses who come to my place on occasion.

Most of the girls that I have been out with have insisted that they pay their own way - maybe I just attract the independent type? Or maybe girls appreciate being treated with respect, and will milk any guy who treats them otherwise.

Who could blame them? I know I wouldn’t suck anyones dick unless they bought me A LOT of drinks. (befoe and after)

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thechu17 , man, if you don’t want to go out with girls who just think about your money, get your eyes open. I’m so sure that it’s easy to tell if a girl loves you or just your “plata”(term for money in Spanish!). First of all, if you meet girls in a bar or you are the kind of person who goes out to search for girls with “wonderful” night life, then also get your eyes open. I’m not saying that all the girls who enjoy night life are thoes material ones, but most of them do need a lot of money to spend every month and they dress well and like to use expensive “decoration” on themselves. If they are independent ones, I would say you’re lucky, but I don’t think most of local Taiwanese girls can make a lot of money by doing an office job and if someone’s willing to pay for all their expenses, why don’t they take it. However, I still have to say that not all of the local girls are like that. Only the possibility is higher to meet one in a bar! Night life if sweet and personally I hang out with friends in bars sometimes. Just be careful, but not too defensive and you’ll find most of taiwanese girls are sweet hearts :laughing:

I think both of them can be true or false. I rarely hear someone say the first one. However, I believe that it is slowly changing due to the economic factor and influence of other Asian cultures from Singapore or Japan.

Taiwanese will tend to believe the second one if they never met a “decent” foreigner in Taiwan. However, I believe they are more good ones than bad ones?

But believe me, these two types can be seen often in Shanghai.

The thing that makes me laugh about locals who complain that foreign men are just here to make money and get laid is the fact that every Taiwanese man I know is more interested in money and sex than anything else.

I have a lot of male Taiwanese acquaintances. I think they’re normal guys, generally operating operating between the two extremes of uncontrollably greedy and horny to completely in control. Most guys have moral standards, but aren’t above certain temptations.

I have met only a few local women who seemed very interested in my money. Soon as I got an inkling of said interest, I never called again. Money grubbers exist in every country, so I’ve never thought that Taiwanese women are gold-diggers, in particular.

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Dress slobby (like me) so the ‘material girls’ won’t assume you got money and will leave you alone. :wink:
The xiaojies which are still interested in going out with you should be the decent ones.

That said I am still waiting for one to go out with me - maybe it’s time to hire an image consultant. :sunglasses:

You can take the girl out of the bar but you can’t take the bar out of the girl.

I went to Hooters last night. (First time, honest!) What amazed me was the complete absence of any overt appreciation of the girlies from the Chinese male clients.

I leered shamelessly, because that’s what they’re there for, and they seemed genuinely pleased to be noticed. Whether or not they saw $ signs, they were attractive young ladies in fairly flattering outfits who were being largely ignored by the taiwanese men. I still got a bundle of cheery waves when I left, despite not tipping.

Anyway, I invited a girl out today. She knows that I make substantially more than she does, but has still insisted that “I have my own money” and won’t be expcting me to pay for anything. I think Taiwanese girls are great in this respect, and anyone who has had different experiences must be doing something very different.

So the Hooters is exactly like the ones in the US? That’s funny! I never would have expected a one in an Asian country…seems contradictory…no?

Woah, Chewie! You don’t want to be asking local guys for advice: Most of them don’t know any local women! :wink:

(Okay, but seriously …) The majority of my 20-something local friends – nice guys all, despite a chronic dearth of money and sex – don’t seem to think that they’ll meet any women (or have any sex) until they’ve worked their way into sucessful careers. I’m sure this isn’t true of all Taiwanese men, but one can see how a guy who thinks dating involves supplying a home and spousal allowance in the very near future might come to see the whole scene as revolving around the dollar.

As for my dating experience, I concur with tmwc: from cute lawyers to college students, all have insisted on paying their own way – mind you, none of them I met in a bar, and all were very independent women in other respects as well.

Another thing - most of my Taiwanese friends are female. If you wanna date in this country maybe you should find out what they think about men before being so negative about them.

Can I ask a question?? :blush: Where is Hooter located??

Thanks so much

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