Taiwanese women

Hooters is near the intersection of Nanjing East and FuShing North Road (MRT Station). There is a small lane between the shopping/office complex and the Brother Hotel and Hooters is just about ~100m down that lane (corner lot). Can’t miss it.

Oh, and I have been there only once, too. Honest. The food isn’t that great IMHO but if you like to “eat” with your eyes … :wink:

I can understand the need for a Hooters type joint in Taiwan, and for other such eye candy as the betel nut girls. Women here don’t tend to show much skin; they dress fairly conservatively. Very different from back home - we have public beaches in America :sunglasses: Australians have it one better - topless public beaches :sunglasses: Hooters seems like such a redundancy when you can eyeball the latest summer fashions on the street, college campus, parks, and beaches for free.

I didn’t go to look at the clothes. The food was crap too. I went to look at the girlies, and I thought that was what they were paid for so I’m not embarassed to admit it. Girls bodies are (mostly) lovely and I love being able to enjoy them in an uninhibited and honest way - but the girls have to be consenting to it.

Going to the beach to look at the titties? That’s a no no. Girls are not objects unless they choose to be. (I love it when they do!) If a girl can’t relax in the sun without some perv getting off on her nipples then human relationships become a competition with everyone trying to get what they can. Hence the paying for everything.

I’ve had gay men checking me out and/or propositioning me on the beach, and it’s no fun. Girls have to put up with it all the time. Respect 'em and they’ll love you for it. Treat them as candy and who can blame them for calculating the benefits of putting up with you?

But you’re right about Australia having it better - I once won a woman in a raffle in Cairns!

[quote=“MiakaW”]can I ask a question?? :blush: Where is Hooter located??

Thanks so much

  • MiakaW[/quote]

2716-5186 No. 1 Lane 16 Chingcheng St. Taipei

I remember there was another one on Nanjing E. Rd. but I can’t find anything on it so maybe it went under.
I was there for John Smith’s bachelor party, but he got decapitated by an ill-tempered mutated sea bass.

To hear is one thing, to believe is another. Rule Number One!!!

How come I’ve never met local men so generous and sweet???

How come most girls I know are not that smart??

Yes, we should be grateful into tears when there even is a halfway decent guy, most importantly alive, willing to go out with us. All decent guys come to Taiwan!!! Let’s pay for you!!!

Ahh!! Oops!! …Pls erase all the above you read from your mind!!!

Oh come on. A girl who parades around in public half-naked (actually closer to 95% naked, given current bikini fashions) has no right to whine when men check her body out. Don’t want to be treated like a sex object - then don’t go out of your way to flash your skin in public to look fashionable & sexy. They are “consenting” to it by dressing the way they choose in public. Common sense.

Well I don’t wear a lot of clothes the beach either, and I’m damn certain that I don’t do it for the benefit of all those guys that want to bend me over in the sand dunes.

Actually this is not so much of a problem these days due to my advancing years. Now I’m the old pervert surreptitiously checking out the bikini girls. Yeah, OK, I can’t help noticing and appreciating. That’s only natural, but there’s a difference between that and treating the beach like it’s Hooters.

I do have to admit that many beaches are places where some girls (and boys) go to show their selves off, but that doesn’t mean that they all are. I used to frequent black’s beach and mod lang’s attitude would have made him very unpopular there.

The obsession (particularly in California) with looking perfect all the time because people are looking at you all the time is not healthy or conducive to good relationships. Me, I’m all for sexy girlies when it’s sexy girly time, and measuring people by their human qualities the rest of the time.

A friend of mine lives about 20 minutes from Black’s Beach. When we went, I must say that there was nobody I would have wanted to look at. I’ve noticed that nudists tend to be on the (ahem) Rubenesque (cough, cough) side. . . .

OTOH one of his buddies goes all the time, and got some great photos of two girls who were putting on a sex show one day. And yes, they were more than happy to have people staring and taking pictures.

Girls ? ewwww… girls are sissy…

watch out eh!

chinapost.com.tw/detail.asp? … A&id=19786

what a crazy ho. she got paid 6 mill too. sucks to be that guy.

What she did was vicious and criminal, but is calling her a ‘crazy ho’ really necessary? Save it for the bar please.

The trick is to always wear a pair of sunglasses at the beach. That way you can ogle, but discretely.

I dated a Hooters girl and damn if I don’t regret not marrying her …

YAHOOOOO!!! That’s the kind of information I am looking for on these forums! See you at the beach, dude!

When are we going to start seeing Taiwanese babes going topless on the beaches here? Surely it’ll happen sooner or later, but how long are they going to keep us waiting for it?

We’ll have to get the Western split-tails to do it first.

Perhaps the trend will catch on.

Here’s a little anecdote why I hope it would:

As newly weds not more than three years Sundays ago, the wife and I went up to a beach north of Danshui. Our umbrella, close to the shoreline, obscured my wife from the view of anyone who sat behind us.

It was only when I came back from a dip, did I see their nubility.

Their? They were: four absolutely, incredibly, gorgeous girls. Tanned, long in the leg, sleek in the upper arm and raven eyed. Beaded was their skin with salty water cooling their heaving chests.

Needless to say, I ogled, and ogled, until they knew that ogle did I.

Mind did they not.

Not long and they were asking me to take pictures. Alas, that’s all I could do.

As the wife caught ear of me almost cavorting with these four young vixen.

Knowing them for just that little time makes me think that, as they were a wildish bunch, I’m sure given half a chance and given that they were of talent enough to attempt such a stunt, they’d have undonned their bikini tops, should there have been others too unclothed.

Certainly, such a happenstance would weaken my husbandly resolve.

And that is why Omni you should be censored for the evil you bring. Shame on you for even thinking such putrid thoughts. Bring back the bather.

I know for sure that there are many, many local girls who would love to have the freedom to shed their tops – and perhaps much more – on the beaches. As soon as it becomes socially acceptable, and they won’t be condemned as shameless sluts for doing so, you can bet they’ll be doing it in droves.

The odd thing is, I’m sure it’s the local guys whose disapproval is the main thing that stops them doing so now. It seems to me that Taiwanese women are far more accepting of public nudity and far less prudish in general than the local males. You’d have thought the fellows would be only too glad to have such delightful sights to enjoy – but they’re scared to death of their girlfriends and sisters doing the same thing, and therefore exert irresistible pressure to prevent the girls from daring to uncover.

what an extremely irrational and vicious hostess!

Personally, an ex who puts out a hit on you and makes you paralyzed from the waist down is fricking crazy. and scars your g-friend’s face and damages one eye with acid too. if that ain’t crazy…

ok, so she is a ho…stess. that usually means she is a prostitute. put in the crazy factor, ergo she is a crazy ho.

or maybe i wasn’t being literal. maybe she loves ho hos. maybe she’s "just crazy like that. " just wicked haaard (place Boston accent). so baaad she’s good. Let’s not be fey about this Fei-man. or does that mean you are fat. or no-man, so you are a woman :wink:

blah blah.

I thought Kenny was being too kind to the skanky bee-atch.

Leering locals are also the reason why many women wear bras under t-shirts in the summer, even when their physiques don’t demand it. Many women here have the perfect physiques for bra-free t-shirt wearing, but they are afraid of letting their nipples press directly against the fabric of their shirts, lest they be mistaken for “loose” women.

Pert, firm and supple, and under wraps in 38 degree weather. What a shame. :frowning: