Does anyone know of any downloadable resources for learning Taiwanese? I have some basic stuff but it’s not nearly enough.

Have a look at the Taiwan News web site http://www.etaiwannews.com. It has a let’s learn Taiwan languages section with Mandarin, Taiwanese and Hakka. I think it uses Tongyong pinyin or some variant thereof so it may take a bit of effort to work out the pronunciation.


Taiwanese lesson and dictionary

Type Chinese and read Taiwanese

anton xie

I really need stuff that I can download that has sound files too.


There is a free prog called Dr. Do thinkred.com

The prog has a flashcard interface for learning Mandarin that uses word files and wav files. You can make your own for Taiwanese. Just get your wife to record the sounds and away you go.

Hope this helps you in your language journey:


It’s not downloadable, but it is online. This website has vocabulary lists and sound files.