Taiwanesefriendly Foreignerfriendly nonboozecentered party?

Yo. I turned old soon. I want to have a party. But I don’t want to have 20 different ones.
I need ideas that

  1. don’t center around booze (I don’t drink and don’t like to be around drunks)
  2. Something my local friends will enjoy (NOT KTV!!!)
  3. Something my non-local friends will enjoy.

I won’t go to a show because I hate talking over the band. It is rude and embarrassing. Unless they play Desperado. Then you are supposed to…

What else is there?
Also can’t cost too much. After all, half my friends are local students.


I go to a coffee bar that offers free drinks and coffee, and lots of non locals hang out there too… could try it cause its free… Its in ying juan road in danshui… I can give more details if you want…

Tea house for traditional Chinese tea drinking. You can find some nice scenery around those tea houses :slight_smile:

BBQ outdoors.

My thoughts too, only I was thinking “spitroast”.

Damned, I thought this is about a Human rights thing, kinda Boomer diggin’ out a little Taiwan party DXP which invites foreigners or so. :blush:

How about a potluck/picnic where everybody brings a dish?