Taiwan's 2020 Presidential Election - will the "beauty card" be a decisive factor?

Candidates are using all kinds of techniques.

Han Guo Yu credit his 23 year old daughter Han Bing for helping him win the election. Seems getting someone attractive to speak for you is becoming a trend.


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Well, he put his chicken foot into his mouth. Compares migrant workers to chickens.



That could be 150.000 immigrant votes lost right there. At least them not brain washed but still in danger of being arm wrestled by teh in laws devoted to Korean Fish.

Mmm, an immigrant party seems more and more appealing…


You’re referring to the Kaohsiung mayoral election, right? Lots of discussion on that topic here:

What’s the connection to the upcoming presidential election?


Han Guo Yu (current Kaohsiung mayor) has been nominated as the KMT presidential candidate. He is running for president for the KMT.

How he (and other presidential hopefuls) is using a similar technique for presidential election.

Tsai is using this strategy?

Let’s reframe this thread as a question. Do you think the “beauty card” will be a factor in the 2020 presidential election?

My opinion is “no.” : D


You haven´t heard the complaining about Tsai´s looks? her lack of fancy style? No makeup approach? Remember Ma had a following as handsome, so tall!

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You forgot… immigrant can’t vote.
Even when they are naturalized, there’s waiting time to be able to vote.

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I think it is about 3 years until you pass the “good moral character” waiting period. So don’t give anyone the middle finger for at least 3 years after getting your passport, then you can let out all those years of oppression without fear of deportation.

Well, I hope there still might be a few thousand pissed enough wives to make hubbies reconsider voting for Korean Fish.

No matter how you slice it, she’s way better looking than Korean Fish.

You guys do not believe me? Just saw on the news the « young, handsome , successful, educated in Ivy League school, gave up his US passport» to become a councillor or legislator or whatever in Penghu.

As many red flags as an October parade in China…

Oh, and the Taiwan Hulk descended from Peanutissimo is being called to join the elections…by the public…And the press, of course.

I cringe every time they call him shuai in the news. Maybe becuase he looks a little like the MRT killer?


He’s got to be the creepiest looking guy in Taiwanese politics since these guys:



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Actually, not that one, but the designer guy, the one who is not yet in politics. The one whose brother has issues with TAS. Lemme look…

This one:

Yep, those young bluebloods all fit the same profile: born, raised, educated in the US, then “leave all to serve Taiwan”. So handsome! Young and successful! Eh, in their parents´company?

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I am aware of this but he’s a big no to me. There are much hotter politicians out there.

Btw his Harvard degree is a sham. The only reason he was able to attend was the crony scholarship. He was sent there to spy on other Taiwanese students.

Now he’s better-looking though his blood is gross.

Eeww…I actually think the other one is slightly better.

I am quoting the tv newscast. How can someone say those lines with a straight face is beyond me.

Reminds me of the son of a certain politician who was sacked as soon as his father lost the election… snicker, snicker…

Cronyism in public service, buahahaha. I work for the gummit, I see the consequences everyday. My biggest laugh is “he gave up his US passport” Sureeee…

One hopes that the elite here got wise like the ones in the old country. Due to inbreeding, the people coming out of marriage among our best produced… well, let´s say the specimens were not 100% right. So they started sleeping around. In name, the kids were still descendants of the Conquistadores. In truth, the DNA was mixed, with also mixed success.


Some of these guys are making money in China. A lot of money.

You know what I mean …You can google it.