Taiwan's 2020 Presidential prediction poll

Easy fun prediction see what the forums think.

  • Tsai majority
  • Tsai minority
  • Han majority
  • Han minority

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When you say “majority” and “minority,” you are referring to the legislative election too, right? If so, perhaps amend the title to make this clear?


based on the last weight adjusted polls, even though DPP will have more seats, but the pan-Blue coalition will end up surpassing the pan-Green by 3 seats or more. And that’s assuming the current NPP is pan-Green.

Who has the majority currently?

Right now? Greens.

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Freddie just appeared with Tsai for a concert. I think that’s safe to assume.

Freddie has left the NPP.


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So guys, worried yet. The optimist in me wants to say i wont need to pay for beer til summer. But i kind of want to pay this time :frowning:

My drive from south Hualien down and up into kaohsiung saw really a lot of korea fish. Some tsai, but far more korea. Might not meed much, but the general pop. are quite sheepish so brand recognition and all that.

Hualien and Taitung have always been blue and are no bigger than a small city each.

Yes. But also drove through pingdong and kaohsiung, similar vibe. Though kaohsiung city i noticed more green, but outside of that it was blue as the ocean and as foggy as the air.

Dang it.

Sorry, i have tried a couple times and cant seem to :frowning:

I was trying to write Tsai, with a majority
Han, with a minoirty etc.


Most people cannot travel to vote where they have to. Young people have to work and do not have the means. Moreover, they believe they have won. Han’s wave are rabid and fervent, they will vote. They have the means to travel from US just to vote or shuffle busloads of voters around.

Someone did the Math. Many people will stay home BECAUSE of the polls. If you think about it, it is an evil, effective, cunning plan to lull people into complacency. As usual, the blues manipulate the media and Taiwanese people are too naive to see they are led like lambs to slaughter.


Icon great image. I think we should make more bets so we wont need to pay for beer until we get arrested for free speech by our new overlords.