Taiwan's aging population, low birth rates, and Taiwan's ethnic makeup


That being the case, you must be doing a bit of alright on the rock then. :slight_smile:


I think its more the crazy cost of Pharmaceuticals, the Health insurance companies leeching and the Hospital adding their own costs/profits than the Doctors salaries.


Ill assume by earners you meant salaried doctors, perhaps working for a hospital.


Well I guess some truism there. Especially in view that the original taiwanese aboriginals apparently left Taiwan to populate the phillippines and indonesia and malaysia and so it would be like coming home again for those ethnics. Don’t forget to include the maori of n.zealand then.


It seems to me after a spending past few weeks is clean air New Zealand, few Maori would move to Taiwan. Besides language, big problem in gap in living standards. Taiwan really needs to improve standard of living, otherwise it will hard to attract talented people which are needed. We have moved some of our companies functions to NZ/AU, due the movement to skilled people to there. The main reason people move is better living standard, mean also means better pay to live better.


It seems to me Maori are basically westerners now I don’t think that they could really hack living Taiwan aboriginal lifestyle somehow.
Aboriginals in Taiwan are also heavily influenced by Chinese culture. But they still live quite rural and wild lifestyles too.
But main difference is the climate in reality.

Totally agree that to attract better educated types you need a better living environment.


Taiwan could get quite a few Indonesians and phillipinos if they wanted


Certainly could. If you look on Facebook you will see many Filipinos would move to Taiwan if given the chance.


Found this gem while checking some data on birth rates. Enjoy.

One of his quotes:


Hi Icon, thanks for posting this–the first article is really well written and the data on the second one is interesting. On the second article, it looked like the reproduction rate in East Asia overall wasn’t bad–higher than the US. I wonder who is having kids in East Asia. North Korea? Does Mongolia count? I teach at a school where every teacher over age 50 has kids (most have 2-3). For teachers my age, about half are married and none of the others have kids.

I do think in terms of ethnic makeup, new immigrants, aborigines, and others may eventually change Taiwan’s makeup. In the first article, it was interesting to me that SE Asian immigrants are less interested in marrying Taiwanese.


The SE Asian is a case where better opportunities and word of mouth of the bad conditions in marriages here combined.

What would really kill the mail bride industry is legalizing surrogacy. Once they have to pay for the babies instead of buying the mother and kicking her out, it will be another story.


That really happens?
That is horrific!



Though in theory they eliminated the “pairing” companies.