Taiwan's average broadband speed third fastest in the world

Hard to complain about that.

Not really, it’s BS of the highest order and pretty much meaningless as far as Taiwan is concerned. When a supposedly 100mb/s connection has difficultly streaming an SD Netflix movie and youtube buffers to infinity on the “third fastest in the world” then there are issues. Got to speedtest.net and test your connection to a server at the other end of the island and one to a US server and come back and confirm you’re averaging the third fastest in the world!


My dad pays US$50/month (in Colorado, USA) for 1 GB/s upload and download speeds. He said they got 970 Mbps when they tested it at installation. He sent me his speedtest.net results using his phone and wifi. He thinks his router might be a bottleneck because he “only” gets around 200 Mbps download and 400 Mbps upload speeds.

I pray for a 100 but they only guarantee around 30 to 40 (read the small print…) Ot gets slower on wekeends as well down to 20 or1/5 advertised speed .
Broadband is far from amazing.
The 4g network is very good generally though.

I’m gonna go ahead and call shenanigans on this. I can’t even see being “on average.” I live in Hsinchu County, and we are constantly bottlenecking. Streaming NetFlix, Prime, YouTube or whatever, you will constantly hit a bottleneck. Even late at night. One minute everything is crisp, and in a second it pixelates and stutters, and stops. This goes on for hours. And not even consistent hours. We have Chunghwa, and the in-laws have TBC. TBC appears to be worse.

I’m gonna echo @Brianjones on this. They say 100, but your lucky to get a 10th of that. And I agree as well, the 4g is faster. Faster to the point that I just bluetooth my computer or ipad to my phone. Its fast a stable and Osiris bless unlimited data! (I think that is what my wife signed up for…must be, my bill does not really fluctuate. Give it time, I guess)

“only” LOL!

In KC, I was paying about $100 (cable and internet, TWC) and was getting a fifth of that. If I was lucky. At midnight. During the week.

I am old enough to say I cannot complain. I remember dial-up. The horror!

I did that. Here are the results.

The numbers are “ping/up/down”

Me to HC - 7ms/77mbs/38mbs

Me to KH - 11ms/70mbs/30mbs

Me to ATT KC - 177ms/50mbs/20mbs

Me to ATT NY - 205ms/48mbs/10mbs

Me to AMS - 296ms/50mbs/10mbs

The download speeds look very typical on a 100 Mbps package.
They actually state they only guarantee 30 download in the T and C.

So I guess if you want a 100 you have to pay for 300. Which I think is bullshit.

Some of it is last connection problems where they didn’t upgrade the buildings fibre.


At least they don’t throttle. At least I think they do not throttle. Maybe they do, and as you kind of mentioned, they want you to pay for 300.

I remember when VDO and pictures were becoming more common on the internet, and people with cable modems were crying about slow speeds and perpetual buffering. They did not understand that on the other end, it will be slower. But, that was 25 years ago. And, they still use DSL in many places, if not all, here.

CHT do.

Am I right in assuming you guys on 100mbps deals are on fibre?

I am getting my full 100 and so is the few people I know that are on my package with CHT. Are we the oddities?

Mine was a deal posted in the elevator. I live in a “社區” so I think the ISP company has a deal with the apartment complex. It’s really cheap. I signed up for 2 years and got an extra 3 months for free. I wanna say I paid around 7000 NT.

As I mentiined a lot depends on the last part in the building , our building is full of old farrs who don’t want to pay to upgrade anything. I read the T and C of chunghwa all they have to do is guarantee a third of the speed minimum.

Now I guess I could pay for 300 and get 100 but I don’t want to pay the fuckers more money and don’t really need the fastest if it costs more.