Taiwan's Awesome Fruit!

The shu mei are extra awesome this year. Sweet as hell. I think the heat has done them good.


If you peel a wax apple the taste is totally different, like soft sugar cane

What is a Wax Apple? Do you know the Chinese name?

Lian wu


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Oh, ok! Later I saw one of the posts above pointing this out:

Any forumosan fans of Taiwan’s awesome mangoes and other tasty summer fruits?

If so, expect less of them this year as severe water shortages have had damaging impact on crops including fruits, tea, and some vegetables too:

The production of mangoes, tea leaves, plums and onions has been hit hardest, the data showed.

The shortage has damaged 53 percent of the production of improved mango cultivars, meaning 977 hectares have not yielded fruit and losses have reached NT$307.8 million, it showed.

As for farms growing locally developed mango cultivars, 34 percent of planted areas have been affected, with losses reaching NT$23 million, the data showed.

Source: Farmers lose NT$400m amid water shortage - Taipei Times



Durian lovers: durian is now in season and available here (imported)! I’ve been buying some over the last week at the Yongchun Market. There are two stalls there that sell it.


I guess they are easy to find. Just follow your nose.

Actually, I don’t really mind the smell of durian. it’s better than a pig farm, for example.

And that is why this thread is not called “Taiwan’s Awesome Pig Farms!” :upside_down_face:


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The ones I saw around Kaohsiung were from Vietnam. Did you bump into Malaysian varieties?

No, the ones I’ve been buying are all from Thailand. I’m also looking for the ones from Malaysia.

I just passed by some vendors at the exit of Yongning MRT.
The smell is almost impossible to ignore…