Taiwan's bid to enter CPTPP meets firm opposition from China

I’m surprised there hadn’t been a post of this application as yet. This could be a very big deal for Taiwan, or, it could reinforce Chinas position across the region.

Will Japan Australia et al accept China into the very group that was borne out of countering Chinas economic influence?

The CPTPP currently has 11 members that represent about $13.5 trillion in GDP, or 13.4% of global GDP, making it one of the largest trade pacts in the world.

Japan, a CPTPP member, has been in close communication with Taiwan and welcomed its application into the trade pact, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

Taiwan reiterated its stance of being a separate government to the People’s Republic of China. It also accused China of bullying Taiwan in the international community, saying that China’s bid to join the CPTPP is aimed at blocking Taiwan from entering international trade blocs.

Not sure how credible the source is.

It seems like poor CPTPP countries like Malaysia and Peru would be a problem for Taiwan to join as they are China’s bitches, while rich countries like Australia, Canada and Japan would be a problem for China to join because China is trash.


I call bs lol

It will be interesting to see where the chips fall with countries that claim to be pro democracy, human rights and so on in these couple years. I am half expecting the uusal hypocrisy. But if big western country makes a move and recognises taiwan, i will pleasantly, and literally, in shock.

Fingers cross it goes through. Honestly, i think Japan is likely our best ally. Then the rest.

Taiwan isnt joining the CPTPP and China isnt joing the CPTPP

I will spoil the end of this debacle for you.


Haha, probably right. perpetually stuck in observer status limbo.

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China can order a few countries to veto Taiwan. Japan and Australia will certainly veto China.

The countries originally made this bloc to counter China. Peru is the big problem because now a pro-Chinese leftist government is in power.

Maybe they can convince Perú to leave.

Also, aside from the US, no country has done more for Taiwan than Japan.

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How would that work? Also Malaysia and Chile could veto

These guys are saying you have to have discussed it with all member countries before you applying, so it looks like China is in.

Obviously, if Taiwan’s application was “rushed,” then it means it didn’t finish discussions with member countries.

I read somewhere that the US can invoke some clause within the USMCA to stop Canadia and Mexico from allowing China in.

Obama’s biggest failure is his failure to enter the CPTPP (of course, Trump’s populist-protectionist idiocy too).


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Oh my bad. It was called the TPP.

trump’s failure, to be sure

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