Taiwan's Digital COVID Vaccine Certificate (數位新冠病毒健康證明) - Rules, etc

It still works until 5pm , mine has been updated since yesterday and I dloaded the updated cert.

Unfortunately my name is only appearing in Chinese script when I import to the EU digital cert app.

You could check, as there were a couple of reports of that a couple of months back, though I suspect that those so injected would have been contacted and monitored. The odds of it happing twice 3 months or so apart? Thats lottery Ticket time.

It might be worth your time questioning it though, either direct or via the place of your last shot.

Both shots at far eastern hospital. I saw that someone else had the same problem so I guess it is just a prob with the certificate and not the shots.

Well I think the Certificate is generated off the NHI Vaccination Database and in my case it shows 3 / 3 - numerical, not alphabetical. So its maybe a good idea to escalate it somewhere, but i wouldn’t know where.

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Focus Taiwan now has a story up on the use of the vaccine certificate, effective 21 January 2022, to get into what appear to be “sexual service” related venues. I hope this is in the right thread!


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Two main issues I’m unsure about:

  1. Where these apply - i.e. what counts as a pub or bar. The linked article above says this:

The vaccine mandate will be in place at disco halls, nightclubs, clubs, bars, and pubs, as well as beauty parlors, saunas and teahouses with hosts or hostesses, the CECC said in a statement.

So, would that include Gordon Biersch (likely not), or Redpoint, or Crafted? Carnegies? Is there a Chinese-language definition that’s missing in the translation?

  1. Do we need to print this out, or can it just reside as an app on our phones? The article has this:

People can only obtain certificates for COVID-19 vaccinations and tests administered in Taiwan, and the certificates can be directly saved onto a phone or computer, printed out or individuals can have them sent to their email address, according to the CECC.

To me the “directly saved” says, sure, just on your phone is fine. But again, I fear I’m missing something. (My editor-voice wants an “and” or an “or” placed before “printed out”)

Apologies if this should be over in the discussion thread, but I’m trying to understand the rules; this thread seems more appropriate.

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I don’t think any of the big western pubs are included. They’re restaurants that serve alcohol.

I mean 酒家。酒店。酒吧。How are these defined?

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Bit of a late-comer to the discussion, but I was being lazy in the hope that Taiwan would not start checking vaccine certificates to access certain venues. Now it is so here I am.

I took the first two jabs in Taiwan, had them recognised in Italy and took the booster there a couple of months ago. I was issued a Green Pass (that’s how the digital vaccine certificate is called in Italy) with QR code, which I assume is the universal EU format. Can it be scanned and recognised here, as CDC claims, or not? Any feedback on this?

Thank you :smiley:

We probably need a volunteer who goes to a tea house now to try it out :man_shrugging:

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The answer seems to be yes

The verification system for digital COVID-19 certificates, which will be available at the website https://dvc.mohw.gov.tw/verifier-web, can be used to scan the QR codes on digital certificates issued by Taiwan, the CECC said.

It can also scan certificates issued by countries in the European Union and non-EU countries that have joined the EU Digital COVID Certificate system, as Taiwan has also joined the system, the CECC said.


I rather understood it as you can upload your EU certificate to the Taiwanese website, and they will create a Taiwanese certificate?

I can only check Saturday morning, tomorrow I am still under self health management to see what a bar /pub says to EU Covid pass…

I have mine uploaded into Google pay. Confuses the heck out or people in Europe…

Just got my booster yesterday. Applied for the certificate this morning, it’s only showing my 1st and 2nd shots, not the booster. Is this likely a matter of my data simply not being updated as yet in the NHI’s database?

So basically the idea is to download this PDF file and keep it handy on your phone?

Yes,and they made some amendments so it went offline for a bit. Check again today. Mine appeared the next day.

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Possibly - but somewhere I read that a dose doesn’t “count” as valid until two weeks after the shot, so that could be another reason. (Sorry, I’ve jumped through too many different pages this morning and I doubt I could find the link again.)

For now that’s what I’m doing. There are definitely apps that are supposed to handle it, but it’s still unclear how they work for the Taiwanese certificates and I’m not going to bother with those until necessary.

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Updated copies to latest version from Jan 17


Not really a “tea house with entertainers” person :rofl: :rofl: but I read that clubs and KTVs are also included, that’s why I woke up from my laziness.

I guess that I will have to wait for this app to be live and check the QR code out.

This is a web app (website). No installation needed, but requires internet connection.
You can open it on a smartphone, need to allow access to camera. Then just scan the qr code.

If the certificate is valid, it will show:



Thanks @slawa appreciate it! Btw do you have download links for the German Luca app as well? I heard some places only work with Luca, for whatever reason.

ApkMirror has it

Good news on the latest update. Booster received in Taiwan shows up properly, if the first two doses were done overseas.