Taiwan's Digital COVID Vaccine Certificate (數位新冠病毒健康證明) - Rules, etc

It works!

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Yes for me too, but with the Old ARC number (the one that was on my Old NHI Card at the time of my 3rd shot back in January). I have since received a New NHI Card which has the New ARC Number on it.

Did you type the new NHI card number in when applying? Mine has the new ID number

I have my new ID number on the certificate.

This might be why. When I got the booster, I already had new ID and new NHI card.

My NHI app also shows all vaccinations.

Yea me too. For both

So, I tried it again - Twice -

  1. NEW ARC Number and Passport No - Successful - shows New ARC.
  2. NEW NHI Number and Passport No - Successful - same as above.

Of interest, on the Certificate itself, the “Unique certificate number” (below the DOB), which has two rows - first one is the same on all 4 Certificates that I now have (Old, Old ARC, New ARC, New NHI) but the second row has a different number on each.

Things are looking up !!

All academic for me though now, as I will be getting Shot #4 (second Booster) here in Sydney next week, so my OZ DVC (which has had the 3 shots in Taiwan recorded by my Doctor here) will then show 4 shots.

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Has anyone actually needed to use this thing yet? I scanned all this stuff into my phone - not the app, I think - months ago, but I’ve had no call for even remember where I put it.

But I also have the dull life of a hermit.

What is the website address for the certificate ?




I had to use it to avoid Quarantine when entering Australia back in March, but otherwise, No in either country.

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I just used this link


to check the QR code of my certificate. My full name (surname + given) is included together only in the surname field and the given name field is blank. Weird!

Anybody else the same? Could you check?

Me too, whole English name in the Standardized Surname(s) field.

My Chinese name also shows up in the Surname(s) and Name(s) boxes.

Try your QR code in German app Covpasschecker app (not the covpass app) to see if you get an error message.

Validates fine with German official ‘CovPass Check’ App

But where do your names appear using this link?


Are your first and last names bungled together in the surname box?

see previous post

fn & gn are chinese name
gnt is empty

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btw. the ID number is only shown on the yellow certificate. It is not encoded in the QR-Code data

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My certificate shows that I have had 3/3 doses, but the date shown for my last shot is actually my second dose, not the date I got the booster. Any idea if this is likely to cause any problems down the line?

maybe you’ll be able to get the 4th dose earlier than normal, not sure why anyone would want to do that though