Taiwan's Education Minister's son goes to TAS?


What is up with that?

I cannot believe the Minister of Education for Taiwan sends his children to an AMERICAN school in Taiwan. Is he a KMT appointee of Chen or is this guy DPP?


Tseng used to have dual citizenship, which he was supposed to give up when he joined the cabinet. There was some controversy over this as he didn’t want to, so the issue made the papers. He was eventually forced to renounce his US citizenship (or so I believe – maybe the issue just got quietly swept under the carpet).
In any case, I don’t suppose Tseng’s giving up his citizenship would have any bearing on that of his son.


Y’know, I agree it doesn’t look too great, but then I started thinking - the Tseng family lived in the states for some time - his son probably got at least a little “Americanized”. Wouldn’t that affect how he felt about going to school? I know that I basically told my folks that I was switching high schools after spending one year in a decaying public institution.

Anyway, the kid just graduated. This means that he was probably attending TAS long before his old man became Minister of Education. I know I would be pretty pissed if I had to leave my school and my friends just because my dad got a new job that put him in the public eye.

Regarding political affiliations, Tseng claims to be independent. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t…

On another note, wasn’t there a plagiary scandal some months back, regarding the use of his students’ work, and claiming it as his own? I have no idea how that was resolved - anyone know?