Taiwan's effect on me

in taiwan i learned to love my home country and realize our shared humanity


Hey V whats up? Long time no see. Happy Lunar New Year to ya.

America does a lot of things wrong but it does way more right. God Bless America !

Hi Tommy! What’s been going on since I’ve been away? Did CCTang leave? I think AC is still around. Are you in Taiwan now?

Havent heard from CC TAng since he went to the olympics back in China. Hope he didnt get on the wrong side of the law back there.

AC is still around causing commotion. Aint much else different. Im still in Calif. Still finding a good way back so I can stay back in Asia (preferably Taiwan or not far from).

Hows bout you? Whats cookin? Hows the kids?

kids are good. work’s good. health is good. my brother lost his job. as usual my mom comes to the rescue. she is going to co-sign for him to get a loan to start a business nearby selling fruits and vegetables. they have all the whole sale connections cuz my father still has a farm and they know where to buy cheap during the cold months. location is good. so that store will be a family focal point in the summer with my daughters and me probably hanging out/helping out, my nephew, my other brother and my father, grandfather, etc. gotta take calculated risks and pull together in these times.

sounds like a good program !