Taiwan's Energy "Security" (dependency)

Cause they cost a shit tonne to buy and install or replace the tin rooves with. Or, they might go on top of the shoddily built illegal additions, causing more problems if the flat is improperly built.

These are going on buildings that often see replacement and are at the end of their lives.

Does TW give tax incentive for solar panel installed on one’s home or any green energy tax deduction? What can citizens of Taiwan do that can help out the country as a whole?

The guy basically said, to go back to Nuclear, it’s political suicide for the green party. I would think national security trumps politics. Just seems like both party gave up on national security in the long term. Neither party want to take a step back politically for the sake of national security.

Used to be they could be bought cheaply… from China!

6 months ago on train travelling through Northumberland U.K., the panels are little higher than 1 meter, however sheep grazing the fields that small enough to graze underneath. Maybe goats in Taiwan? Or rabbits :rofl:

there is no good reason. we have them on our factory. it is easy and fast.

some examples of reasons that do exist (again, I dont find them to be good reasons).

buildings/companies are, at least partially, illegal and having government come in on this is scary to some. even though that segment of government isnt really involved.

metal framed buildings are sometimes of such shit quality no one would walk on their pitches roof to installt them. more common on older and smaller buildings.

there may not be as much subsidy or whatever money for corruption toffunnel funds. Such as building cost of a solar field. if you get xx amount of money then cut the height in half, you pocket some tens of thousands per fen just on steel savings. perhaps steal savings is more accurate.

sometimes it is hard to work up the funds. even though it works out cheaper long run, it’s an investment not everyone has to spend. this reason does loose merit when one compares it to building on vacant farmland, obviously. but as an individual issue it is real.

there are so many roof tops available ,I find it truly criminal to allow solar farms on farmland. Beyond short sighted. I have posted photos in other threads about the level of idiocy displayed on that front.

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with very few exceptions (eg. Lanyu), land prices are too high for grazing here. better to make 2m plus high and actually be able to use the space underneath. Mushroom farming is a perfect example. In reality, they do this because the owner isnt that much interested in farming the land and is often not intelligent enough to realize their short construction will come at a net loss due to labor costs on maintenance.

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Of course Beijing would never do anything like this with our existing (and, for certain forumosans, future) nuclear power plants. Would they?


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Again, people have said there is safe science. Doesnt matter if our nuclear systems dont utilize the things people are talking about. It is safe. Nothing bad will happen. now shut up and just accept the fucking hopeless like all us good Confucius sheep. Disregard all the actual realities and please embrace the usual “nah, it wont happen” that somehow the same pro nuclear people are somewhat against in Taiwan culture.

L. oh. L.


Read about molten salt reactors and get back to us.
In depth: Safe nuclear power – Thorium MSR Foundation.

Where is such a plant in Taiwan?

that’s the issue. Not the scientific research, just the actual reality on the ground is what makes people worry. The government has rehashed the designs and construction over and over…and over on.the new ones. a country that cant figure out how to paint lines on roadways for safety tends not muster lot of confidence on higher safety concerns such as nuclear and such. they literally exploded a section of kaohsiung because they are so fucking half assed. Thanks, but pass. At least until brains and diligence are involved in the situation.

Bad news?

Absolutely. No matter where Taiwan gets their inputs of gas - competition for that gas is great.

Yet, I still see the sidewalk salesperson cooled by a portable unit on the sidewalk.

The Chinese hostilities have been dealt with the same as the energy shortages observed around the world - they haven’t.

You can’t even say we are walking a tightrope in Taiwan. It’s as if the people and their government believe they can walk on water.

At least our winters are mild. Our suffering if shortages continue will kick in next spring and summer.

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Once we’ve been properly microchipped (thanks TSMC!!!), all our energy worries will be over!! How? I don’t know, but that must be what the government is thinking.

Got chip?

I thought that’s all Elon Musk?

TeSla Musk Corporation?

I hope the Taiwanese government was smart enough to sign a long term contract. Australia can raise the spot price as much as they want, but if Taiwan is on year 5 or 6 of a 10 year long contract, then it would not matter.

it is confusing to me as well.

South park helps describe everything.


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The ? is my favourite part


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Much like taiwans food, water and energy security plans. Just change the terms pre & post.

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From the article -

Currently, the country’s reserves include a 90-day supply of oil, an 11-day supply of natural gas and a 30-day supply of coal, she said.

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Wouldn’t take many missiles to wipe out entirely all of the mentioned reserves.