Taiwan's Energy "Security" (dependency)

Taiwan’s debt is very low, like less than a third.

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I have yet to read a post on this website that has been more spot on! 100% agree.

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Not sure geothermal is the magic way forward, but as part of a toolkit sure, let’s see how this works.


Seems seldom 1 trick ponies provide 100% satisfaction long term. Diversified portfolios are always safer. The anti “green” energy crowd always points that out without thinking even the current dirty/risky system is multi faceted. Eg . Oil~natural gas~ nuclear~ coal etc all work together .

British Columbia canada seems, in my opinion, a decent example of a way forward. Not perfect, but an improvement. Being majorly hydroelectric on the grid. The main controversies are salmon and first nations burial grounds/traditional lands. Not to belittle those issues, but nearly nothing compared to taiwans air pollution and sustainability issues. Comparisons are hard to make, but lets be honest…taiwans lack of nuclear planning coupled with massively polluted fossil fuels is just dog shit.

Regions need to really hone into their specific areas’ efficiencies and move forward rather than the usual greed and simpleton methodology of “this poliical birder does it this way”. Geothermal wont fix 100% of taiwans energy problem. But if it fixes 10%, why not? God knows we can afford to R&D here!

Scotty, one thousand to beam up

Problem solved…?

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The Geysers plants in Sonoma has an average output of 955MW and an active installed capacity 1517MW, that’s on par with the peak output of one nuclear generator.

Taiwan’s experimental geothermal binary cycle generator at Tshing-tsuí is only outputting 4.2MW, but Taiwan’s total geothermal potential is 33.64GW. That’s almost 10 times more electricity than the peak usage in summer.

I am curious as well how geothermal turns out here. The geothermal plant near one of our work locations in the east keeps having issues. Talking to the locations landlord, the gov told them they need to “keep drilling” and havent met the right situation yet. Pretty small plant though so who knows.

Entering production for delivery phase now.


Enough to power 60,000 homes at 99.98% reliability.

Up to 12 can be run from a single control unit.

Put them underground in the green spaces of the city and you’re energy independent and net zero without using any extra space. Mandate solar on rooftops. No need to waste farmland or destroy untouched environments. Wind can only get better by getting bigger. SMR is ready for the prime time.

Safety approval data:

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I wonder if it’s due to the expense of geothermal. I mean no idea how deep you must drill and also the gases down there are probably going to eat through most common materials. Maybe thats why they had the pilot project and abandoned it.

About 4 miles. The oil companies are great at drilling, but standard drill heads don’t cut it. New heads are being developed to withstand the hardness of the rocks encountered, and the use of integrated lasers seems the best bet.

It’s not the hardness of the rock, it’s the fact that at depth things get hot, and materials tend to lose hardness when it’s too hot. I mean even high speed steel can’t withstand sustained temperature of over 200C, let alone at the depths for geothermal to be of use you need to drill through hotter rocks than this. This is actually one thing that limits how deep we can drill, because even the hardest material turn into butter at high temperature.

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Here a link with some more detail.

I’m pretty sure geothermal plants output about 30-40MWe. So two plants for one SMR. I wonder how they compare cost wise.

Has such system been used to actually drill a well?

How will the laser be ducted to the bore hole for drilling? Will whatever materials used to channel the laser be able to withstand the heat involved? I would presume fiber optic would be used. Would that fiber optic survive the temperature?

Using a laser to drill holes through rock in a lab is one thing, actually getting it to drill holes deep underground is something else. I suspect there will be a lot of problem doing that.

Also if a jet of water is used to transmit the laser light, how will the water remain clear enough to actually do this? Remember when drilling through rock, a drill mud is cycled through the bit to not only cool it but also flush the rock chips out. This mud is not exactly optically clear.

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This has a little detail how they overcome those problems.

And another strategy…



International fuel prices soar
Taipower has lost 85.3 billion yuan

This showed up on my FB feed. I think it came from TVBS. I’ll find the article later on.

Oooh I saw this on Matt Ferrell

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The article says that energy consumption in Taiwan breaks record levels for the 4th day in a row.

This is very curious. The population is in decline. The level of environmental awareness must be at an all time high. Every kid and woke person I meet spouts out something about global warming and solar panels and net zero and wind energy and this lie and that fraud. So how it is that Taiwan keeps using more and more electricity? Just think of all of the money spent and hours of lectures given on environmental awareness?

Where are all of the protesters? Why hasn’t each of the environmentalist unplugged their refrigerators, AC units, hot water machines, and stripped naked running around the streets protesting all of this energy usage?

Frauds everywhere - not surprised


I’ve done my part. I bought a new gasoline scooter instead of an electric one.


It’s industrial use—not woke kids—that is leading to this outcome.


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Well you can’t have GDP growth without using more energy. Setting industry aside, how much are consumers cutting back on their energy usage?