Taiwan's Energy "Security" (dependency)

If you read the article I linked, you’ll see that there are calls there to incentivize reduction and phase out energy inefficient equipment.

I am in the public sector, and believe me when I say there is no incentive or willingness to consider installing energy efficient machines here. I was told to use the old energy hogger until it breaks—to “save money.”



The government gives a small subsidy to buy more energy efficient appliance. The problem is those appliance are very expensive.

So the question is, is it better to spend more than double on a more energy efficient appliance that is maybe 5% more efficient, or use what you have but maintain it properly so that it still works as well as it should?

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Exactly. These incentives mean industry will be cranking out more and more stuff using more and more energy.

Energy saving appliances will take how long to offset the energy used to manufacture? Will that be more than keeping the old stuff running? What is the net difference?

How long before the lifecycle repeats?

Wife’s 1.5 year old big screen Panasonic busted. It was replaced by a refurbished one.

Just like my 71 Mercedes. I drove it for years and years and I imagine it is still running.

It’s all a fraud. Every company these days has a statement concerning their regard for the environment. FB Google, this company that company. Yet, they all use more and more energy.

Energy is great. I’m not against it at all. I just can’t help but laugh at all of these people who are such honorable frauds.

See if you can get this article to load

I really don’t believe that consumer usage has decreased. I’ll investigate this but common sense tells me that there is little effort made by anyone to really cut back in any meaningful way.

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Those industries are the perfect trial areas for SMRs. Let them have their own clean energy plant right next to the factory.

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The only way to do it is through legislation like California. There’s a reason Californians use much less energy per capita and it isn’t because they are woke.

Entitlement is at an all time high. Its fairly obvious. Many people run ac all day then give numerous reasons they deserve it and how shitty you are for even mentioning energy waste :wink: ac isnt the only reason, but its a pretty easy example. The brick wall is gonna hurt in taiwan if we dont get smarter soon.

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Just for example… if your AC is not efficient, then have it serviced. Perhaps it needs cleaning, fan blade particularly (this part really affects efficiency in a bad way). Then see if the coolant charge is correct. If it’s over or under charged it will not run efficiently and you’ll pay for it when you get the power bill… I just had to de-charge my AC unit a bit because it was overcharged (meaning the air coming out isn’t as cold as it should), and when I did this it ran cooler and so was able to reach the temperature sooner. (I don’t recommend doing this in the US because it may be illegal, as I don’t really have special refrigerant collector)

So if your AC is using a lot of power consider having it serviced by a competent tech. But don’t just mindlessly add coolant to the system… overcharged is just as bad as undercharged. If the thing isn’t as cool as it should be, then it may be overcharged, and if the indoor unit keeps freezing up, it’s definitely undercharged.

These steps are much cheaper/use less resource than replacing the unit.


So why don’t Taipower ever use peak/off peak billing schemes?

Basically charge more for peak usage and next to nothing for off peak. Then people would be incentivized to either use their EV as batteries, or buy household batteries that can hold about 15 kwh or so (this is about how much you would use per day anyways if you use AC), then have the battery charge during off peak hours, then use that battery power to run your AC during peak hours.

Do you know anything about refrigerators, dishwashers, or microwave doors? Maybe you can help me diagnose over video. I’ll pay you.

The same idiots that refuse to let people install chargers for their electric cars aren’t going to let people install batteries. The mindset here is ignorant.

Please pm me for details…

Like what’s your problem.

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I guess it just depends how desperate Taipower truly is.

They have to first make peak/off peak power a thing first. Otherwise it’s pointless.

Once people realize there are real savings to be had, it will blow up overnight. Taiwanese are real penny pinchers.

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Well damn. We are nearly at total possible output of power yet people or the government wants more electric scooters and cars? People worry about monkeypox when they should be more worried about stupidpox

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Once again, the reason for such stupidity is entitlement. Once people are more intelligent and less entitled, watch most of these issues fade away. In the mean time, burn baby burn!

Taiwan would have more capacity but I think there are restrictions in place for air quality concerns.

I imagine Taiwan will follow others and lift restrictions on power generators - I think I read Germany is bringing more coal burning plants online.

All of the propaganda over these last many years has been nothing more than propaganda.

Nothing better than fraud.

To hear Elon talk, all these people with his cars are going to be fcuked. He can’t even get the components to build his cars. How will you get your siht repaired?

Everything is getting sunlight these days.


The fact people are so black and white perfectly showcases why we are ~choosing to be~ enevitably fucked.

From the article -

To make an EV battery you must dig up 500,000 lbs. of earth. For one battery. Which has a service life, after which it must be replaced. Which has no current means of economically recycling the components either, so unless you’d like the price of the pack to wildly exceed the crazy levels it is at now you will throw the old away and buy another one with another half-million pounds of earth dug up. All of which are dug up, transported and processed using fossil fuels because there is no other rational way to do so.

I’ve been following the guy for over a decade. Really a good follow