Taiwan's EPA plans to ban single use plastic straws!


Is this even true?


I finally got a water bottle cleaning set. Works well, although you do have to scrub a bit for the straw, and I’ve learned to deliberately put a few drops of soap on the straw cleaner. A pipe cleaner would of course also do the trick but the two other pieces of that set are coming in handy for cleaning water bottles properly (and I’ve been a little terrified by how often I’ve discovered “Wait, that stuff that’s been there for years actually washes off?! What have I done to myself?!”)

I’m not sure how this regulation is going to work for all the drinks that have smaller straws - drink boxes and La Gauche iced coffee and the like. Mind you, if these regulations stop me buying those drinks, probably all the better.


This is probably not a bad idea. Although a lot more needs to be done.

My pet hate.

Cigarette butts. Everything about smoking sucks but the way people flick those things casually onto the ground and into the drains to be washed into the sea pisses me off!!!


How about just re-labeling them as multi-use and then invent a machine to clean them and the Taiwan government will surely spend some money on it as they do on other wasteful projects just to give money to their friends.


My great pet peeve as well. I applaud those of you smokers who don’t throw your butts on the ground, but why do the majority of smokers feel like the Earth is their ashtray? (From personal observation you cannot tell me it isn’t the majority who do this)


PLA compostable drinking straws

Most straws are used for cold drinks anyways, so PLA is the right material.


And they are worse than straws.


I don’t even understand why people use it so much here. Most of the drinks I see people drinking with straws don’t need it at all. I see it as a waste, an unnecessary and annoying waste. A dive in the sea gives you some idea of what we are doing… it’s a disgusting disaster, but 99% of people don’t give a shit, and keep buying drinks and stuff in disposable plastic containers…

Straws… useless, stupid. Bad.


It annoys me greatly. People releasing stupid smoke for no practical reason, and throwing their shit to the ground…


Pearl Milk Tea without a straw?
Really, I would not mind reusable straws if they can be cleaned well and quickly.

How about straws that you can eat. Those flavor straws look pretty good, but I’d take neutral cookie like straw. It will make a nice snack for after my drink.


The problem I foresee with straws that you can eat or degrade is they still need to be packaged with plastic and stored correctly.
Metal straws are one option and no straws are probably the best option in many cases.