Taiwan's First Annual Brazilian Jiu-Jitus Tournament

Venue: BJJ tournament
time: sept 27th Sat. 5pm-10pm
location: Tiger City Taichung
Contact info. ichijan@hotmail.com 0936340155

tournament registration: deadline sept 14th. 2003
registration fee: $500NT incl. t-shirt

for more information on rules please goto:

congratulations to all that participated.
picture link

pbase.com/seanjessica/1st_an … tournament

NEWS: 1st. Taiwan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Exhibition “Tournament” September 27th, 2003 RESULTS

light weight champion- Nathaneal 2nd place: Jack

light middle weight champion- Henry 2nd place: Andy

middle weight champion- Takizawa 2nd place: Mike (Kaoshiung)

heavy weight champion-