Taiwan's Gone Mall Crazy

Why does “carbuncle” seem like such a popular word in this forum?

I think it’s interesting. It definitely has character. It’s like a glitzy post-modern buddhist temple. Maybe the tourism bureau should change its slogan to “Visit Tacky Taiwan.” They might attract alot of tourists from Las Vegas.

Originally posted by sandman: Ha Ha! I could imagine a Stalinist designer coming up with something like that! What an ugly building.

You know what’s a really ugly building that only a Stalinist designer could’ve come up with? This. Every synonym of dull and ugly that you can think of describes this monstrosity. I don’t think they even hired architects for this one. I think the city govt officials probably designed it themselves; maybe the custodians.

Man oh man, I can't wait till you visit Taipei and (try to) actually walk through that dump rather than basing your opinions on pictures!

I hope you post your first-hand impressions here – it will be interesting to see the change in viewpoint!

Hmm…what is that quote: A picture says a thousand words? Or something like that…

Yeah, but what you need is VIDEO so you can see how the MOVEMENT works in there.

Colorful and boistrous atmosphere? Bollocks! Poeple shuffling around in slow moving lines trying to slowly win there way halfway round a floor just so that they can find there way to the next set of escalators. Takes half an hour to get to the top without even looking at any stores. Malls should eb about FREEDOm to move around inside.


I’ve been talking about the architecture and interior design, Bri. Notice that I never disputed the contention about the traffic circulation.

But isn’t that a vital part of inerior design? I would expect architects should consider such things as how people are going to be able to move through a building when they design it.


Face it… the design of anything from electronics to interior designing of apartments… with plug outlets and light switches in the line of running water in the bathroom… to the practicalities of making something and how it will work seems to be lost on the Taiwanese… they tend to skip the fact that if you invest time and money in such things as getting people who have the ability to envision and design it while having some understanding about the impact and problems caused by certain designs … it is paid back ten fold. They just do it as cheap and as fast as possible

Taiwanese have little or no concept of design and the project planning and all the stages that go along with it…this is in everything from buildings to products… yes they can copy stuff and make it cheaper… but how many companies that come out with any innovation and creativity here are Taiwanese… most are foreign owned or managed by foreigners

And the building codes here are a joke(if there are such codes in Taiwan) … Taiwanese have it up their asses… totally out of place buildings…and little or no consideration giving to the practicalities of gaining access or getting out of the place if say it was on fire…so what if it is like that… if its big and its expensive to buy stuff there… its perfect