Taiwan's human rights not for humans after all

Every time I read about how glorious Taiwan’s progress in human right’s leglislation is, I wanna puke. Listen, look, and read carefully. Everytime a Taiwanese politician or anybody talks about ‘human rights’, they don’t mean ‘humans’ but rather ‘Chinese’ or ‘Taiwanese citizens’.

The following quoted from this website:
ait.org.tw/en/news/reports/t … Taiwan.asp

"Trafficking in Persons Report - 2006 Report
(TIER 2 WATCH LIST) Taiwan is primarily a destination for men, women, and children trafficked for forced labor and sexual exploitation.

A significant share of foreign workers — primarily from Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines — are recruited legally for low-skilled jobs in Taiwan’s construction, fishing, or manufacturing industries or as domestic servants, and are subjected to forced labor or involuntary servitude by labor agencies or employers upon arrival in Taiwan. Many of these contract migrant workers come from poor rural areas and are forced to pay up to $8,000 to recruitment agencies or brokers for a job in Taiwan, resulting in substantial debt that labor agencies and/or employers use as a tool for involuntary servitude."

I am good friends with a lady working for one of those brokerages. She is a Filipina who,among other responsibilities, is generally responsible for checking the dormitory rooms to make sure foreign workers are keeping their curfew.

Through this friend, and others, I have learned much over the years about how they are treated in Taiwan.

In Nantsu, local Taiwanese thugs rob foreign factory workers on their way to or from work. Mostly women on bicycles are targeted because a thief on a motorcycle can hit her with a bat, get her purse, cell phone and make a quick getaway.

I am told that this happens nearly daily and the police do next to nothing about it.

The foreigners receiving the worst abuse in Taiwan are those who came here under the pretense of marrying a Taiwanese but were instead forced to become a prostitute, or some other job.

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