Taiwan's National Bird

Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng and Minister of the Interior Lee Yi-yuan attended a news conference Saturday to promote a nationwide vote to select a bird to represent the nation. – CNA

From the picture on the Web site, it looks like a pheasant is in contention, but I always thought that the jackhammer was Taiwan’s national bird.

I’d also put in a vote for the phoenix.
Either that or one of those racing pigeons. Just a nice, big picture of the eye.

Are they nuts? The blue magpie of course.

Crested Serpent Eagle.

Fried chicken.

Crispy golden fried chicken.

Crispy golden fried chicken.[/quote]

Peaceful dove. :slight_smile:

I prefer phoenix as well.

The yellow taxi vulture. Infamous for swooping and diving and taking out scooter birds, all to scavenge pedestrian fares.


swinhoe’s pheasant

i thought it already was the national bird. if not, it should be. the others are found in many other places besides taiwan.

The United States does not encourage Taiwan to make unilateral changes in its selection of official bird. Taiwan should keep to the status quo which is to continue to recognize that Peking Duck is the official bird, but the two sides should agree to disagree over the spelling.

For purposes of sporting events and international economic fora, Taiwan’s official bird will be referred to using the Olympic model, namely as I Can’t Believe Its Not Chicken.

When is Taiwan going to have a national manhole cover? Or a national piece of paper? It’s intorerable that these vital mainstays of a nation’s indentity have been overlooked in the mad rush to Green Silicon Island and Asia Pacific Operations Hub.
As for a national bird? I can’t believe there’s even a discussion.

preening, nonetheless. an early stage of the false mating ritual.

This is my vote:

But along Sandman’s line of thinking, Betelnut girls are certainly an obvious choice. For an individual nomination, I suggest HsinTian’s finest, Hsu Chi:

Wasn’t she a “lady-of-ill-repute” once … still much better than a pheasant though :wink: