Taiwan's own Barry White

There’s a guy on TV that seems to be a Barry White fan. I’ve seen him in ads too. Does anybody know his name?

The show host is on the left.

i was so going to post the same thread,i’ve seen him on TV a few times…he reminds me of garry glitter,now that’s scary…

This guy? What does he sing?

This guy? What does he sing?

The guy on the left in the first pic is Zhang Fei (張菲). He probably fancies himself more of a Taiwanese Nat King Cole or Frank Sinatra than Barry White. He does a wonderfully Chinglish version of “Unforgettable.” One of the good things about not having a local wife is that you don’t have to watch junk like that every night.

[quote=“AAF”]This guy? What does he sing?

it’s not so much about what he sings,but about what he used to do,to kids,in asia :fume:

Yes, I see:
news.monstersandcritics.com/asia … icials_say

I never made the connection between Glitter and this guy, but they both give me the creeps.