Taiwan's President may speak before US Congress


I hope she does.


Oh how I would love seeing the reactions on weibo lol


I’m highly doubtful it will happen. At most she will get an invite, but isn’t ballsy enough to actually do it. And besides, why do it anyways? What benefit would there be? It would just be poking at a wasp nest. But still…would be cool.


Why not? I suspect China right now is just a sheep in wolf’s clothing with all the talks of invasion. Power move to call their bluff. Status quo leads to a thousands slow deaths like we see.


You mean a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Right?



Correct. It would be good to see one president do something ballsy for once.


Ted Cruz :sick::sick::sick:


“May speak before US Congress” is a bit of a leap, but it’s nice to know someone in the crazy US government system has Taiwan’s back.

Too bad America, and the west, is so divided politically that the left hand can’t agree with what the right hand is doing, and visa-versa.

That Taiwan News report is just a partial translation of one local Chinese language report. The original English speech and comments are easily accessible.


Lol. I winced when I saw his name, but the man has favorable intuition for this matter I cannot doubt.


Come on, doesn’t he look much better with a little bit of facial hair now?


I don’t think it is the fear of military action per se, that would be the driving force behind not allowing her to speak. Its more the fear of instantly losing access to their markets. While both economies appear to be weathering the tariff riff-raff reasonably well so far, an absolute lockout of the market could be painful. Loss of access to cheap labor would be a painful shock. Hollywood would lose access, as would other media. So I am certain that is what is and would lead the lobby for her not to be allowed to speak. At the same time, what is preventing DT from landing AF One at Songshan and having a one/one meeting with her? Probably the same economic reasons. However, should only view this as political posturing. Where were the calls for the Taiwanese president to address congress when the GOP has had complete control of the US government? At the very least, invite them to sit for the SOTU.

Let’s assume that it goes through and madam president is allowed to address a joint session of congress. Then the economic threats are levied, but China doubles down. They close off access to airspace on flights to/from Taiwan and ban all US/TW products. Then, they squeeze others by declaring any nation that has any relationship with Taiwan will lose economic and diplomatic access to China. That would be enough to scare all but the really powerful. I am not so sure the EU could withstand that, and the UK with its new “independence” would be forced to play along with Chinese rules.

On this end, China appears to be the most powerful nation on the planet. There has been talk about an eminent Chinese economic collapse for 20 years and every year all the same reasons for such collapse get tossed around, yet their economy is churning along and their influence is spreading like bacteria on an unflushed toilet.


That would go both ways hurting China. Taiwan still makes up a good chunk of their foreign investments and they also are tied to the Taiwanese market. Going nuclear on that level would just as likely push everyone over the edge. Giving in would as you say make CHina the most powerful nation doing something like that. Who would lose if China cuts economic and diplomatic relations to just the US let alone? Not even including other major countries? The rich in the US aren’t sending their kids to China.


I get your point and agree. However, economics tends to control politics in the democratic world. China could just seize Taiwanese interests and/or back-channel their way into getting a more regime-friendly, anti-US leader elected, similar to how they handled the recent elections.

As I see it, DT has just less than a year to save Taiwan. It is completely within his power to change the relationship with Taiwan, to either go full on recognition or whatever. If anything he would need the blessing of the senate, but that is firmly in GOP control.

As it is, I am but 100% certain Taiwan will play into any trade deal with China. Which would be violating the TRA, but whatever.

Oh, he could leverage this against his wall. He could tell congress he gets his wall, or Taiwan gets a seat at the table. That would be interesting.


At some point, someone needs to throw at curve ball at China at the Taiwan issue. Status quo is a slow death.


Chinese economy is in a really bad shape. 6 percent growth might sound good at first but it is steadily decreasing and that is with beneficial global economic cycle forces. Also remember that China has a far lower GDP per capita, if it slows down it will take centuries to catch up. They can’t afford any more economic hurdles or they could even fall into the middle-income trap.
If Trump’s tariff showed anything it was the fragility of Chinese economy. In the case of a full on economic showdown, the damage will be felt in the west but Chinese economy will be obliterated.


That will happen only if it snows in Taipei in July


No way this will happen. The market’s would cliff dive.


Hell yea, she should speak. What is next ?

Ask china for permission to go to fakin toilet?

Only way to deal with bully is to punch a fucker in a face.

Was sitting, chilling in cafeteria, when 5 chinese guys come in. They starred at me, they got their sits opposite of me, when one start showing finger on me. I thought wtf is this and i realized i have shirt from taiwan.

I went to their table with straight question either they want to fight. No no no sir no.

Is not like am active supporter of Taiwanese independence, but no foreigner will me tell how to dress myself.

So what if world goes to recession. Germany took back Rheinland, and French just watched. rather bomb shit out of them. Let not provoke nacis. And today 2019 let not provoke chinese. Let not make them lose face. Who cares. Rather today than tomorrow.



He looks creepy af.


I mean to say his (and the other representatives who co-signed) intuition for this very action is favorable.