Taiwan's response to marijuana. Where do we stand in 2016

We’ve seen this many times before it’s nothing new, the cowardly tough-guy rapper/actor bowing 20 times in apology or the bad girl cutie pie celebrity crying profusely when busted with weed. The recent Under Lover rap group case in point.

I was happy and surprised to see 林嘉凌 tell social media to “shut the fuck up” about weed.

I know that many Taiwanese smoke weed, despite that fact that the foreigner-smoke-weed-corrupt-pure-Taiwanese-girl-into-wild-sex myth continues in Taiwanese media.

so what, weed is cool when its on socks, t shirts and all types of clothing but if you actually smoke it then its super bad or something?


In the West, a celebrity smoking weed is such a non-issue that nobody even reports such a trivial matter. It’s far more likely that there would be a media report on a celebrity who does NOT smoke weed. It’s expected. It goes with the territory.

Here we get big-time local celebrities kow-towing and crying in the face of the big media scandals when they are caught.


Naw. I remember an article freaking out when The Biebs was caught. Pop idols here, pop idols there, same thing.

What about that guy Michael Phelps? :wink:

I think we either go with the Philippines way of dealing with drug (not recommending it but might as well go to the extreme) or stop wasting tax money on trying to stop drugs from getting in the market, it’ll happen no matter what. It’s a losing battle.