Taiwan's Second Apple Store

New separate store under construction in Taipei Xinyi. Check out the logo.


pretty soon :apple:’s only Chinese language market will be Taiwan, HK, and Singapore

Would be amazing if it looks similar to the Chicago store as the post suggests.

I hope they have salespeople who know…anything, really, about Apple products and leave the 101 for selfies and free air conditioning.


Yeah, the 101 store is staffed with clowns. Almost any phone or computer repair shop on the street is 10x better. I still cast another vote for Tool Man in Shida.

I went into the 101 store about a year back and failed in my initial attempt to get anybody to actually help me. When I returned, I outlined what I wanted in terms of having a different processor and more memory installed.

5 minute wait while they disappear

“Sorry, we don’t have any MacBooks with those specifications.”

I asked when they could get them in.

Another 5 minute wait.

“We don’t have any in stock. You can have a computer with .”

I asked if it would be easier for me to simply order online since what I wanted was listed “in stock”.

“I don’t think you can configure a MacBook like that. What website said it was possible?”


“The Taiwan or the American site?”

I lol’d.

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I wanted my last iMac off spec, i got it from the website.
i was shocked to see it shipped form shanghai, i thought it would come from Hong Kong.

That is an inaccurate and somewhat offensive statement. The staff in the 101 store have no professional qualifications to work as clowns.


June 15

Be there and be square.

That building is so silly-looking.

Apple on top.


I just discovered yesterday there’s a whole nother level underground and it connects to the mall.

Masks on or off at the moment?

The Apple Store requires masks even if entering from the department store which does not require masks.

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  • Wear a mask
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Limit the flow of people in the store
  • Keep social distance

Some videos of how the Apple store looks like

They’re only following two of their own rules because the store lower level is crowded and people are packed in like sardines.

Lots of people just sitting there doing nothing.

Yeah Taiwan in summer. We can take that as read.

Is true , I went to the store just to enjoy the AC for a moment and I guess many people also do it
besides Apple hasn’t released any relevant product for a while …

I believe the mask on policy is a global one and they need to follow it here. The temperature one was also a global one and got them in trouble in Germany for privacy issues… damn Europeans.