Taiwan's stock market capitalization surpasses Korea's

Pretty amazing considering Taiwan is half Korea’s population.

Shows the confidence the world has in Taiwan, some say.

I sense that GDP per Capita is next.


There’s a few things at play here:

(1) TSMC has a huge market cap

(2) Korean stocks have historically always traded at a discount because of a strong ownership/control disconnect

As a result, average P/E ratios in Taiwan are substantially higher than in Korea.


They should tax them even more on the trading and capital gains and fix up this place.

I really need to get into stocks.

It must be time to get out of stocks now.

Idk. Maybe after a crash I will go all in.

Nope, when a regional market like Taiwan stock index crashes it takes at least a decade to recover. Taiwan central bank has no interest to do QE in such volume as FED. Neither would be so successful.

You should enter now, pick value growth companies. A lot of choices in Taiwan. Ase technology, Chipmos, Himx and mix it with value in other industries (plastic, steel and maybe can find value in financials too)

It didn’t take a decade to recover last time it crashed.

Never try to time the market. If you’re doing index funds, you’re doing it for the long term growth, not “get rich quick”. If you’ve got money to invest, just invest it. I know too many people who said “I’m waiting for the markets to crash” in 2017 and missed out on 17-39% gains, not to mention the inflation we’ve seen has made the money in their bank accounts even more worthless. Yes, the markets can and do crash, but you have no control over that. The long term growth is still positive, not negative.


Cause source of crushed wasn’t locally created. It came from USA and triggered panic selling. I had in mind market crushed triggered by locally created, stimulated source. Like theoretically possible : total trade blockade by China or collapse of TWD, fake balance sheets or collapse of real estate market.

Anyway, keep on mind risk of not participate on the market (missing out great future returns) is much greater than risk of market crash. Don’t be loser, take responsibility and embrace volatility. Money flies in the air. All you have to do is reach your hands out. Or keep your hands in pocket and be afraid air is cold.

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It took Taiwan one year to recover from the Asian financial crisis, which started in Thailand. You need to vet your numbers before posting.

It’s been proven that assets are undervalued after a crash.

And how do you plan to go about proving which assets are undervalued? Insider trading?

You don’t need to prove which one. They will be undervalued in general. If you’re going buy stocks, it’s better to start after a crash.

Of course, but when is the next crash going to happen? And how do you know?

I want to get rich quick, not do it for long term growth.

None of those scenarios are remotely likely to happen.

Risk of default is the highest risk in investment. Permanent lost of capital. Even odds for this to happen are less than 5%, one should still consider it.

The way I play is with agreement between me and my father. If stocks fall 50% cause f recession, will do fake purchasing/selling of his apartment. Bank will give cheap cash and I will enter gradually in period of 3 years.

I wouldn’t be comfortable with long term investing huge capital locally(above 25%) neither in Taiwan or Germany… USA is different story.