Taiwans street neon signs question

Hi bit of a random post i guess, but one thing thats noticeable is obvipusly all the flashing lights in the streets but there is one that you see arpund mounted on the side of buildings in main streets that sort of look like a fireworks kinda style, here is a rough sketch

Im sure you know what i mean they are all over the place for memory… Just wondering if they have a specific name and meaning or are they just decoration to attract attention. Cheers.


This pretty much is a sign for betel nut stands. I have no idea why that style is used for this.

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Betel nut stands, I believe.

Yea yous are right i think, thanks.

So is there some possibility to buy one of these lights in Taiwan, id imagine it would likely be possible for a civilian to buy one but where? Just ask the shop where they got it and then contact the manufacturer or something, is that the common way to do it here?

I’m not sure what the best way is, but it seems like you can find them on Shopee by searching for 檳榔攤孔雀燈 (machine translated as “betel nut stall peacock light”) or 孔雀燈 (“peacock lamp”).

They look surprisingly expensive actually. Some friends and I bought a custom-made neon sign for a friend’s birthday recently, and it was nowhere near the prices showing up here. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, look at the size of it though compared to the scooters.

Ah ok yea quite pricey, now the real question… Could it go on a plane internationally in checkin luggage, lol.

Juat wonder how much it would cost to ship to Aus.

This is the store we bought our custom sign from. I think they’re in Kaohsiung. I would imagine it’s possible to get something smaller than the commercial ones…


I don’t see why not.

Is it under 23 kg?

There are all sizes and folding ones so should be able to find something that will fit into a suitcase.

Please don’t buy this sign. It’s the ugliest sign I’ve ever seen in my life. They are everywhere and they are an eyesore.

Besides, you wouldn’t want people to mistake you for a betel-nut seller, would you?

It would be going back home to Aus for my brother to put in the mancave probably.

You can get it at any betel nut stand supply store.


Put a few up for Christmas.