Taiwan's Top 10 abandoned places



Anyone know anything about the abandoned amusement park you see crossing the bridge from Taipei city to neihu/dazhi and tianmu?


Lot’s of bridges but I guess you mean this kids place 圓山舊兒童樂園


Is Carnegies there? Sorry Niall


"This building can be hard to spot as the front of it is now a 7-Eleven convenience store and a mediocre Italian restaurant"

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I don’t get why the UFO one always make the list. It’s honestly not that interesting, there are many interesting remnants of japanese/ KMT era and even before that to been seen. Even places from the 17th century thats more interesting. It’s weird Taiwan’s history only seem to began really from CKS in peoples minds


That was a great kids amusement park. When open, rides were like NT$10 or something extremely cheap. They had/have these long-arse slides made of slick concrete that must have been like 2-3 stories tall. Very safe, but fun for the kids.

They closed it down when they built the nicer and bigger one over in Shihlin: Taipei Children’s Amusement Park

That TCAP is really nice and much better (and can use your MRT card for the kids’ rides).
Also has a technology/science park next door.

As for the old abandoned one, the government some day may sell to developer or add that land onto the Flower Park there at Yuanshan MRT stop.


Where is this one? Yonghe Theater 永和大戲院


If it’s the same one I went to over 20 years ago, you take the Fu-Ho Bridge west from Gung-Guan, and then around the first major light after crossing the river you take a right and then a few blocks later you take a left turn and it’s on the right-hand side (behind the buildings on the main drag).
Tickets were NT$100 and you could stay and watch second-run movies the whole afternoon long.


What if I’m coming like from a block away from the place? Is it on Google maps?


have you tried pasting that chinese name of the theater you typed earlier into google maps to see what pops up? You’d be surprised at what happens.


Yea, did that before, and got this, which didn’t help.


i didn’t get that. I got the actual place I went to a long time ago.
And my memory is excellent as the location is exactly how I remembered where it was.

Something must be fishy with your maps software.



Thank you for that link. Time to plan a day out.


Thank you for sharing!
I didn’t know this place and went there with family yesterday. Lots of fun!
They have rides for kids off all ages and even adults can enjoy it.
Thanks for the tip!:banana:


So it’s not abandoned.


Forgot to mention the theater show there at TCAP.
They have like 3-4 young ladies singing songs and telling stories for the children in the audience. There’s even some interaction with the audience with singing.

You buy separate tickets for the show (can’t remember price, but extremely cheap for 30 minutes of fun).
At the end, they have a raffle based on your ticket number, and most people get some small prize or something.
Went to at least three different theme shows
The themes change every so often. So it’s good to get children excited about going back there to see which is the new one.


The new one is good, but my family really liked the old kids place. I’m sad it was closed.


I went to the new one, not sure about the old place.
The new one isn’t abandoned for sure!


Tsai Ming-Liang’s film “Goodbye, Dragon Inn” was shot there.