Taiwanse Girls and Sports

I am Taiwanese and was asked to do a short speech about sports to a group of women about sports. I myself went to school in the USA for 5 years and liked sports even beforehand. My dad played baseball and my mom swam a lot as kids so I was lucky, they said it was OK to play.

It is a long story as to why I needed to give the speech, but I found out a lot of things I already knew but still can’t understand. After I talked to 15 of our female staff I found out only 3 had played any sport, myself, a 40 year old that plays golf and a 25 year old that plays badminton 2 times weekly. None of the others play although 1 does Yoga. The other 11 nothing! Now or ever before.

The reasons.
Fear of the sun
Will get big muscles (men don’t like)
Sweating (they don’t like)
Will get tired
Must fix hair
Must change clothes
men don’t like strong girls

Even many guys don’t pay, but for girls worse.

Even though i probably knew this I never realised we lack any incentive to play and while people (grils) try to look good they won’t do what they should.

I just wanted to know what everyone’s take in on this. As I was asked by a visiting business man who came to my office why this is. ( I gave him above reasons.) :ponder:

My gf played basketball in middle school for three years. When I asked her why she didn’t continue to play in high school, she said it was because they didn’t have a girl’s team. That surprised me since I’m from the US where we have teams for both Men’s and Women’s basketball in many High Schools. She further told me that the only teams she could remember their school having was for Men’s baseball, Men’s basketball, etc etc. Once in High School the emphasis was that major sports were for men and women should focus on studying. If they wanted to play it was a sport done on their own time like swimming or badminton. I think that’s probably the biggest influence, that the gender segregation of sports has lead to women avoiding them completely.

I can say that now, even with my attempts at breaking some of the cultural training my gf has had, after running she still massages her calves and thighs in order to prevent muscle development and not get “radish legs”. When I asked her why, she said it’s a common Chinese thing. She enjoys tanning and going to the beach though, so I count myself lucky that she’s not totally brainwashed. Now I just need to get her to enjoy going hiking outdoors…

I think its also a time thing. My girl and i are both dancers and take part in various streetdnace competitions etc that go on in Taiwan. In that arena, you’ll find most of the top guys/girls are either full time dancers or uni students. High school students generally aren’t that great because they are beginners and dont have time. Most start properly training when they get to uni and once work starts they will stop again… so they train very hard while in uni and then many wont dance again because they feel that once they have to goto the army or start work, they wont be able to train as much as uni students and thefore wont hav any chance at being the best, and thefore dont bother… its that big gap they hav without training that puts them off…

might be the same for sports aswell, im not sure… :slight_smile: That if they dont’ have the time to be great at it, why bother?

Muscles on women: love 'em.

Suntanned women: love 'em.

Sweating women: love 'em.

Women with no make-up and no-fuss hairstyles: love 'em.

Pampered prissy label-girls with fancy make-up, expensive hair, and pointless long painted nails: hate 'em.

Stick thin girls with elbows wider than upper arms: hate 'em.

Knock-kneed, toed-in girls who don’t lift their feet when they walk: hate 'em.

Girls whose favourite sports are shopping, preening, mirror-gazing and texting: hate 'em.

Simpering girls who have no projection and no physical competence or confidence because they have never empowered themselves by playing sports: hate 'em.

Tell that to your deluded girlfriends. It’s just my personal preference, but it’s not only mine, I’m sure.

[quote=“urodacus”]Muscles on women: love 'em.

Knock-kneed, toed-in girls who don’t lift their feet when they walk: hate 'em.


:laughing: :laughing:
I saw 2 girls once. One was knock-kneed, the other was bow-legged, and when they walked down the street they spelled “O.K” … .true story


When people are in a hurry in TW (to catch the bus, MRT, etc) you see that they run funny. I noticed this when I first arrived in TW and thought “these people run like they’ve never run before.” Then I learned that they in fact hadn’t (run before), as adults at least. They haven’t run, played sports since they were children. It’s not limited to TW. I was in Beijing at a department store in giant modern mall and asked to see the exercise equipment. They showed my vibrating chairs, darts, ping pong, playing cards and mahjong.

I guess I got lucky with my wife, who swims, hikes, cycles, climbs and even skis. She prefers Yoga, though. And she walks properly, thank the gods.

I guess if a TW girl works out a little, she will find that she is stronger than many TW guys, therefore eliminating potential suitors. :unamused:

And besides, an athletic woman is conceptually further from a “ke-ai shiao-jie” which is what most is triving for.

Let me preface this by saying I find athletic bodies attractive on women.

However, the notion of women getting stronger than men is pretty ridiculous since your average man is heavier than your average woman anyway. Unless there’s a serious difference in activity levels, that bodyweight issue alone is going to count for a lot. When I did judo as a teenager, we had one female black belt who on a kilo-for-kilo basis was one of the strongest people I’ve ever met, and she did triathlons, etc. However, she was giving away twenty odd kilos at least for most of us guys, so she couldn’t beat us in terms of absolute strength. It was laughable on the odd occasions she actually tried.

On the issue of women getting big muscles from sport, it’s not going to happen for two reasons. Firstly, most people (men included) will not get big muscles from most sports. Unless you’re doing serious resistance in anaerobic activities, you’re not going to put on bulk. Anything you can do for more than about half a minute (tops) does not fit this description. You’d have to be doing low rep sets in the gym, sprints, etc. Half an hour of running, voleyball, etc. is not going to build big muscles. Further to this, you’d have to be on a pretty serious schedule for not just your working out, but your nutrition, rest, etc. Serious body-builders eat crazy amounts of food. With the amount of food most women in this country eat, they couldn’t even pretend to be on the kind of schedule required to build serious muscles. They’d come to a screaming halt after about the second training session.

The second issue is that women naturally have much lower levels of testosterone than men. Testosterone is vitally important in being able to develop muscle mass. As such, short of taking testosterone supplements or other anabolic steroids, women simply wouldn’t be able to put on a lot of muscle, even if they wanted to. They might get cut, but that’s not the result of putting on muscle so much as it is of losing fat.

There are so many bizarre ideas about sport/fitness here in Taiwan it’s bizarre. Like that above idea that if you massage a muscle, it won’t grow. A muscle grows because during exercise (especially under heavy resistance such as weight training) it gets torn slightly. (You can tell this by the deeper yellow colour in your urine after heavy sport – protein, as compared to carbohydrate or fat, has nitrogen, so this is released into the bloodstream when muscle is torn, and nitrogen at those levels and in that form is toxic to your body, so your kidneys try to get it out of your body. Coupled with possible de-hydration, it leads to a higher concentration of nitrogen in your urine, hence the deeper yellow.) Your body repairs the muscle, but in seeking to prevent this situation again in the future, it rebuilds it a little better/bigger (hypertrophy) than before (hence why you get stronger). Your body always seeks stasis in this respect, which is why if you don’t use muscles, they get smaller (atrophy). Massage may help (or perhaps even hinder) this recovery process, but it doesn’t actually prevent the process occurring, nor change the fundamental nature of the process.

Actually, there are a whole lot of bizarre notions about health here. Like the ideas about women not eating “cold” foods in the first month after pregnancy. As we would say where I come from, what a load of hot cock! My girlfriend was trying to tell me that all the women she knows (including relatives) swear this is true. As with all this superstitious nonsense, I asked her for the scientific evidence to back this up, and also why millions of women all over the world drink water in the first month after pregnancy, and both they and their children turn out fine. God there are a lot of stupid, ignorant, peasant ways in this country sometimes.

Indeed. My girlfriend has was seems like the most ungamely gait when walking fast or running. Her elbows stick out sideways and she resembles a baby bird in its first attempts to fly. I don’t know how she doesn’t fall over when she runs.

The most popular piece of equipment at my gym? The vibrating chairs. People actually line up to receive a token that allows them 30 minutes on the chair during time which most of them fall asleep.

The weight machines and equipment are for me and me only. :discodance:

That’s because a very popular hobby here is sleeping. They’re training for that.

That’s great! It’s better than people hogging the weight equipment, though getting a spotter might be difficult.

Well thanks for all the comments, I still swim 500 meters twice each week, ride my bike 25km 2 times weekly and luv a light tan I did it more in California! I think a lot of the above reason are why girls don’t exercise. Our national sport is shopping + TV, it’s not a wonder we have few female or even male athletes. And some people are in terrible physical shape.

That’s a great effort. I hope you keep your exercise up into the future.

For what it is worth I find unfit girls less attractive. Pale, skinny and weak? Hmmmmm: how does that translate into better sex?

Is submission the new black?

But why would any girls bother to do sport here? Once they reach 50, they’ve got a good few decades of riverpath walking and clapping ahead of them.

I’ve yet to see any girls on my local run routes. “Too busy studying” is the usual reason, and as everyone knows when not studying it’s best to be sleeping. I really miss seeing pretty athletic girls running and cycling :cry:.

[quote=“Nuit”]But why would any girls bother to do sport here? Once they reach 50, they’ve got a good few decades of riverpath walking and clapping ahead of them.

I’ve yet to see any girls on my local run routes. “Too busy studying” is the usual reason, and as everyone knows when not studying it’s best to be sleeping. I really miss seeing pretty athletic girls running and cycling :cry:.[/quote]

You should head over to the east coast. The summer/tourist surfers are coming now, so there are the usual pale chicks in t-shirts splashing around in the shallows and trying to surf when they don’t have the upper body strength to even do one push up. However, there are more regular female surfers than you’d imagine. Now they are hot!

How are the gyms here? I’ve heard stories, though never been to one, so I can’t say. I work out in the gym at school, or at home, or very occasionally in the park.

I lived in a big apartment complex in southern Taiwan that had a really nice, new gym, and I can tell you that never once did I ever see a Taiwanese person in the gym. It was only us foreigners who used it! Well actually, there was once a Taiwanese girl who walked in, weighed herself, did something pathetic on an exercise bike for about 30 seconds, and then weighed herself again. Does that count?? :laughing:

Also, I was an avid bicycle rider in Taiwan, and was frequently asked by women why I would ride, as wasn’t I scared about getting ‘horse legs’?? :noway:

You should have replied, “Only if they don’t employ farriers at beauty salons”.

The irony over women who don’t want to exercise for fear of getting big muscles (which I’ve already addressed as a near impossibility) is that they have really high fat levels. They may weigh 45kg, but they have 35+ body fat percentages. I was watching one of those shows with all the silly bimbos on it once and they had a doctor in their measuring their body fat percentages. Most were in tears because they had really high body fat percentages and were technically obese. Fools.

Personally, I’d rather weigh a few more kilos and be in better shape. Actually, not only do I not worry about my weight (I have no idea what it is), but I actually don’t worry so much about how I look. I exercise for fitness. The rest is a by-product of that. I also don’t find the toneless, pasty marshmallow bodies here that attractive as a rule. I literally used to wear my ex-girlfriend out. That wasn’t much fun.